• Everything About The Football Boot

    On the recent televised game between Manchester United and Southampton the Sky TV pundit, and former United defender, Gary Neville said the Saints defender Nathaniel Clyne had, Ӭost his feet.Ԝn
    A footballer should not Ҩlose) his feetӠand what the former England full back meant by this was that the defender had slipped thus allowing the Man Utd striker Robin Van Persie to score.

    Unitedֳ left back Patrice Evra also lost his footing allowing Southampton to score and it prompted a conversation amongst the pundits about the modern football boot and the studs they hold.

    History of the football boot

    Henry VIII had a pair of football boots. They were listed in the great wardrobe of 1526. Looking at his portraits he was probably the Wayne Rooney of his day although I doubt anybody dared to tackle the King.

    As the game developed in the 19th century so did the football boot and the early boots weighed 500g and would double in weight when wet. Players must have felt it when they got a kick from one of those boots and the Victorian physio with his first aid kit was probably a busy man.

    The development of the lighter boot that many players wear today started about fifty years ago. The importance of the boot to controlling the ball and kicking it were now seen to be more important than protecting the foot.

    For instance, former Liverpool star Craig Johnston developed the Predator boot in the 1980ֳ which was designed to help players swerve the ball with power and accuracy.

    Some people think that modern boots are too light and lead to more foot injuries. The increase in breaks of the metatarsal bones in the foot has been seen as evidence that modern boots do not provide the protection that they should do.

    The future

    The boot will develop but incidents like the type that happened to Swanseaֳ Neil Taylor at the weekend will still happen. His studs got caught in the turf as he fell and he fractured his ankle.

    Other players have trapped their leg in the ground and suffered knee ligament and ankle problems. This is not the fault of the boot but just one of those things that can happen.

    Unfortunately, a football boot canִ make you a better player or help you to avoid injury but if you get a pair in a nice shade of gold you can at least look good, or maybe not.

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