• Rick’s Ankle Injury

    Iֶe always tried to keep active whilst keeping a busy lifestyle. I try to achieve this through regular trips to the gym and a weekly game of five-a-side football with friends. When I was 17, I broke my left ankle in two places whilst playing football, which left the joint weak and delicate.

    Even though I had some physio treatment at the time, I can still feel the ankle injury after a strenuous football session, so I use a Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace, which works wonders to ease the ankle pain whilst playing football.

    More recently, I took up kick boxing because quite a few of my friends were enjoying it at a martial arts gym in Manchester. I very much enjoyed the sport. However, only on my fourth ever session my friend, Will ӂruce LeeӬ broke two of my ribs in a sparring session. The rib injury can cause pain during movement. However, the most annoying thing about the condition is that there are no remedies or products that can be used to speed up the recovery, apart from rest, which is the last thing I want when trying to maintain fitness.

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