• Keeping Fit at Work

    You may be a pen pusher but that does not mean you canִ do any push-ups. You can still workout at work from behind your desk. Your body needs to move and your only exercise should not be the short walk from your car to your workstation.

    Our bodies were not made to sit down all day. For thousands of years we have ran, climbed, walked, pulled and pushed our bodies just to stay alive. In these more sedentary times we are becoming fatter, less fit and exposing ourselves to serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes just because we donִ move.

    Just take a minute

    We are all busy when we are at work. The phone rings, the tasks pile up and your stress levels rise. But if you can just take a minute and do a little bit of desk bound aerobics you will feel better.

    You can also do these exercises if you have been injured and are coming back to fitness. If you suffer from knee pain for example, these exercises are a gentle way of getting yourself back in to the swing of things.

    Also, if you are wearing an ankle support you will need to take it easy but you will still want to move your body about so that you are not completely out of shape once you get back exercising.

    There are various things you can do while you are sitting down. For example, you can raise your right arm and bend down and touch your left foot. Following this raise your left arm and touch your right foot. Do this for sixty seconds.

    Running on the spot

    Alternatively, run on the spot while sitting down. Move your legs from under the desk or you could really injure your knees as you bring them into the air. Colleagues may think you have gone a bit mad but it will do you good.

    If you are embarrassed about a desk based drill then search out an empty meeting room and for a minute or two try some shadow boxing. If you want to imagine your boss in place of your obscure opponent that is a matter for you but it may make you more energetic.

    You could get hold of a clipboard and while looking industrious decide to go for a quick walk up and down the stairs. If you can try and take a couple of stairs at a time or perhaps even run up and down them.

    Even though a minuteֳ exercise may not appear to be too difficult if you are a beginner you will need to take it easy. How embarrassing would it be if you needed the first aid kit after just sixty seconds of exercise?

    A little exertion between e-mails will help you to get fit.

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