Sports News / December 18, 2012

Bradley Wiggins Triumphs at Sports Personality of the Year

So ӗiggoӠdid it and took the coveted Sports Personality of the Year award. He got over a third of the votes from the public with Jessica Ennis and Andy Murray trailing in the cyclists wake as he pedalled away to take the trophy with ease.

This was the strongest line-up that has ever been in the running for the award. On the starting line were distance double champion Mo Farah, the worldֳ best golfer Rory McIlroy, our greatest Olympian ever Sir Chris Hoy and gold medallists galore.

To beat that field shows how much the country has taken Bradley Wiggins to their heart. They appreciate that to win the Tour De France is possibly the ultimate sporting achievement. To do that and then go and win gold in London the following week completed an amazing double.

Hard work and dedication

Cycling has received a boost in this country with the success of Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Sarah Storey. After all the negative publicity following the scandal of former Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong it was in need of some positive news.

There was a double success for the sport as the GB cycling coach Dave Brailsford won the Coach of the Year award at the ceremony.

Thankfully, our champion cyclists have shown that with hard work and dedication you can win and win clean. Their success is based on putting in the hard miles on the road, in the Velodrome and in the gym.

Bradley Wiggins has very strong core muscles. They are the basis of his success. To work on them he uses Swiss Balls and does Yoga as well as Pilates to help keep his core strong. His solid core allows his body to efficiently transfer power through his muscles.

He recently fractured his ribs whilst out cycling near his home in Lancashire. He was though straight back on his back just ten days later. Like most sportsmen and women he has no fear of the first aid kit and as soon as he is ready he is back pumping those legs to keep ahead of the opposition.

Cycling to success

Cyclists put their bodies through a lot of torture. The knees come in for quite a bit of damage and pedal pounders suffer from knee pain. Like a lot of athletes they can suffer from osteoarthritis because of the trauma they put their joints through during their career.

In 2011 a broken collarbone denied him the chance of winning the tour so he came back in 2012 to win it. This is the sort of tenacity that champions demonstrate and all the contenders for the award had shown similar bravery and courage.

Yet Bradley came out on top and it has to be said that as each contestant was interviewed the ebullient Wiggins showed that he did have a personality. His victory speech had wit, warmth and a down to earth charm which suggests he may graduate one day from sporting hero to national treasure.

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