• 10 Best Poses to Use with a Yoga Wheel?

    Elevate your yoga practice to new heights with the transformative power of a yoga wheel. As a versatile prop, it offers a gateway to:

    • deeper stretches
    • enhanced flexibility
    • strengthened core muscles

    Incorporating this wheel into your routine can unlock a world of possibilities. In this guide, we unveil the ten best poses that synergise with this yoga gear. Join us as we roll through poses that will revolutionise the way you approach your physio mat.

    1. The forward fold

    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap
    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap

    Elevate your forward fold by incorporating the wheel yoga. Place the wheel beneath your feet and slowly roll forward. Extend your stretch and feel a profound release in the hamstrings. This gentle traction also eases tension along the spine.

    To master this, start in a standing position, hinge from your hips, and gradually roll the wheel out. Feel the stretch deepen as you breathe deeply and maintain proper alignment.

    2. Heart opener wheel pose

    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap
    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap

    The heart opener pose is a gateway to emotional release and improved posture. Infuse it with the wheel for yoga to unlock a profound backbend. By placing the tool beneath your upper back, you gently arch, engaging the thoracic spine.

    Yet, caution prevails. If flexibility is limited, opt for a smaller backbend. Always listen to your body and consult a professional for tailored guidance. Also, make sure to use a non slip workout mat for added support and comfort.

    3. Supported plank pose

    Infuse vigour into your plank pose with the yoga wheel. Such yoga machines will ignit core engagement and fortify arm strength. As the wheel enhances instability, your core works harder to maintain balance. Align your wrists beneath your shoulders for optimal form.

    Top tip: Elevate the challenge by experimenting with variations. For instance, a knee-to-chest plank or side plank with the wheel.

    4. Hip flexor stretch with the wheel

    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap
    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap

    The yoga wheel UK opens doors to supple hip flexors and increased mobility. Embrace this prop’s aid to stretch and release tension in these crucial muscles deeply.

    To execute a hip flexor stretch, begin by kneeling with one knee on the wheel. Gently roll forward, allowing the wheel to massage and lengthen the front of your hip. This liberating stretch eases lower back discomfort and nurtures flexibility.

    5. Wheel-assisted bridge pose

    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap
    PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap

    Meet the bridge pose—a spine and hip flexor tonic. It counteracts sedentary effects and enhances spinal flexibility. Supercharge it with the yoga wheel to amplify benefits.

    Place the wheel under your sacrum and experience enhanced lift and depth. Beginners relish the support the wheel offers. Advanced practitioners embrace one-legged bridge variations with the wheel between ankles. Empower your practice and experience bridge anew.

    6. Spinal massage pose

    The yoga wheel transforms into a gentle masseuse, soothing your spine’s entire length. Lie down, position the wheel under your back, and slowly roll. Feel the circle’s strategic pressure to ease muscle knots and alleviate tension. This passive movement induces relaxation, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Let the wheel’s caress untangle the stress that lingers, rejuvenating you from the inside out.

    7. Deep side stretch

    The yoga wheel, paired with a 10mm yoga mat, becomes your ally in unlocking a profound side stretch. To execute, sit on the floor, legs extended. Place the wheel on your side, supporting your arm as you lean into it. Gently roll the wheel along your torso’s side, feeling the stretch intensify. Breathe deeply and hold for a few breaths. As you roll, cherish the gradual expansion of your side body, releasing pent-up tension.

    8. Wheel-enhanced downward dog

    Elevate your Downward Dog by introducing this wheel prop! Not only does it revolutionise alignment, but it also enables a straighter spine. Even better, weight distribution.

    Experience hamstring extension as the wheel nudges your heels closer to the ground. Shoulder tension dissipates as the wheel acts as a fulcrum. This, in return, promotes a broader stretch.

    With the wheel’s support, Downward Dog evolves into a rejuvenating full-body experience.

    9. Wheel-assisted crow pose

    The Crow Pose, a potent arm and core strength builder, beckons to adept yogis. Now, amplify your mastery with the yoga wheel’s subtle assistance.

    The wheel, positioned beneath your forehead, lends equilibrium. As you transition into Crow, feel the wheel stabilise your balance. This harmony nurtures your progress. Moreover, it fosters the union of strength and poise as you soar on your yoga journey.

    10. Restorative child’s pose

    As you wind down, embrace tranquillity with a restorative pose supported by the wheel. Lie down, placing the wheel under your knees and on an anti slip yoga mat. This gentle elevation promotes spinal alignment, soothing tension. Feel muscles yield to relaxation as the wheel cradles your body.

    Restorative poses with the wheel facilitate deeper relaxation. This makes room for rejuvenation on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Surrender to this comforting embrace, nurturing your well-being holistically.


    As you explore the ten poses shared here, you’ll unlock new realms of:

    • balance
    • alignment
    • relaxation

    Embrace these techniques to invigorate your yoga journey. Remember, each body is unique; listen closely to its cues. Approach with mindfulness, respect your limits and make safety a priority. With the yoga wheel as your ally, you can redefine your practice one pose at a time.

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