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Non-Slip 6mm Yoga Fitness Exercise Mat


Sized at 183 (L) x 61 (W) x 0.6cm (H), this TPE Double Colour Yoga Mat is the next stage of yoga equipment development, keeping you safe and healthy while you focus on relaxing your body. Using the latest technology has removed the need for latex, PVC and any harmful chemicals, keeping you and your environment free of unwanted toxins.


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  • This mat has a non-slip design
  • No latex, PVC or any harmful chemicals
  • Made from 0.6m high-density thickness
  • Can be used inside the home or outside
  • Reacts to your positional movements

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Non-Slip 6mm Yoga Fitness Exercise Mat?



Made from tough materials



Made with anti-slip technology



Comfortable material that’s easy to clean



Can be used inside or outside

Key Features

Latex Free

Free from PVC and latex


Easy to store when not in use


Comes in three fantastic colours


Made from high-density thickness


Fantastic for your yoga activities no matter your ability


The edges don’t roll up during use

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but not using one can impact your posture and your exercise process.
Yoga mats are used to ensure your hands and feet don’t slip as you do yoga. This will also ensure you don’t hurt yourself.
Yes, although it’s not ideal. Try yoga socks or ideally, go barefoot.
Early morning or early evening is the recommended time to do yoga.

More About The PhysioRoom Non-Slip 6mm Yoga Fitness Exercise Mat

It is non-slip in design, featuring a double-layer structure to ensure optimal grip when you are pivoting into a new position. This works on both sides of the mat, while also ensuring exceptional cushioning to keep you comfortable while exercising. Use it on tiled, wooden and cemented floors around the house with full confidence.

You can rely on this TPE Double Colour Yoga Mat to cushion you for a wide range of yoga movements thanks to its 0.6cm high-density thickness. No matter what level you are currently at, the support and quick spring-back it provides work with your body at all times, reacting to your positional changes so you can focus on your posture and nothing else.

Feel free to use the mat either inside or outside your home, and it only takes a few seconds to have it set up and ready for use, without fear of it rolling at the edges and causing instability. The TPE Double Colour Yoga Mat is available in blue, pink, black and green, making it easy to find the preferred tone to suit your environment.