• Best Elbow Supports for Tennis Elbow

    What is Tennis Elbow?

    Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) is a common causes of elbow pain for both professional and recreational athletes alike.

    Tennis Elbow is characterised by pain over the outer side of the elbow, which may radiate down the forearm. Despite the name, Tennis Elbow does not just afflict tennis players. In fact, this common elbow problem (it affects about 3% of the population) is most often associated with work-related activities, although racquet sports players are more prone to the condition and account for approximately 5% of all sufferers. Tennis Elbow is equally common in men and women, peaking in prevalence between the ages of 30 and 50.

    Tennis Elbow usually begins as inflammation of the extensor tendons of the forearm as they attach to the Humerus (upper arm) bone, just above the elbow joint. Typically this inflammation is caused by prolonged gripping activities such as hammering, driving screws, weight lifting, playing certain musical instruments, canoeing, digging in the garden, driving and, of course, racquet sports.

    If these activities are continued, then the inflammatory nature of Tennis Elbow can give rise to a chronic tendon problem that is characterised by pain, weakness and degeneration of the tendon. This elbow problem can then be very persistent and much more difficult to treat.

    Tennis Elbow Signs and Symptoms

    Tennis Elbow is very easy to diagnose. There is pain when the Lateral Epicondyle (outermost part of the elbow) is touched, as well as if the elbow is straight and the hand is moved forward and back at the wrist. The elbow pain is made worse by gripping activities and, in some cases, simple things like turning a door handle can cause intense pain.

    Tennis Elbow is differentiated from osteoarthritis of the elbow joint by x-ray investigation. Rheumatoid disease would usually affect more than one joint and is confirmed by blood tests. Pain in the elbow region can be referred from a problem in the neck or shoulder and these should be thoroughly examined in order to eliminate them before a diagnosis of Tennis Elbow is made.

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    Ultimate Performance Tennis Elbow Support

    The Ultimate Tennis Elbow is designed to be used either in competition or during rehabilitation of a number of conditions including; tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendonitis or post-operative rehabilitation. Comfortable and easy to use, the Tennis Elbow by Ultimate Performance can be worn throughout the day due to the non-intrusive nature of the support.

    Tennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow Support

    The support is worn by wrapping around the forearm 2-3″ below the elbow with the pad on the outer side. The padded zone should be placed at the point with the most discomfort to treat the tendons which are damaged.

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    Aircast Pneumatic Armband Elbow Support

    Research shows that this product relieves Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow symptoms in 80% of patients. The patented Aircast AirCell is positioned at the elbow, against the tendons that produce bending and extending movements of the wrist joint. The AirCell is held in place with a comfortable foam strap. This is custom fitted by the user by tightening a Velcro strap.

    Tennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow Support

    The resultant pressure is directed to the specific tendon region by the Aircast AirCell. This comfortable pressure limits the girth area of the affected tendon, thus reducing the force that is transmitted through the tendon. This ‘off-loading’ reduces the strain on the tendon and relieves the symptoms of Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) and Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis).

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    PhysioRoom Advanced Adjustable Elbow Support

    Featuring Coolmax fabric lining to keep you cool and comfortable the advanced adjustable elbow support provides compression to the elbow area providing reassurance during activity. The elbow support features hook and loop closures that easily adjust for an easy, custom fit.

    Tennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow Support

    The warmth provided by the neoprene elbow support provides therapeutic heating within the tissues which helps to increase blood flow to the area. This therapeutic warmth and support is effective in relieving the aches and pains of arthritic conditions as well as painful elbow fractures.

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    Mueller Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Support

    The Mueller Hg80 Premium tennis elbow support can be used during any activity such as tennis or golf that involves a strong grip or strain on the forearm and elbow. Made from latex-free materials, the lightweight yet durable tennis elbow support features the Mueller-exclusive HyrdaCinn fabric – a high performance, moisture wicking material with an anti-microbial barrier. The anti-microbial treatment protects the support against odour, staining and discolouration caused by bacteria and micro-organisms.

    Tennis Elbow SupportTennis Elbow Support

    Featuring reflective binding to help improve visibility in low light, the tennis elbow support is made using soft, lightweight materials that provide superior comfort, while the high strength stitching creates a strong, long lasting fit.

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