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    Here at Physioroom, we LOVE winter. We never miss a chance to get the adrenaline pumping either. That’s why every year, like 870,000[1] people in this country, we get really excited when the ski season opening approaches.

    Switching smart shoes for ski boots, the UK’s adrenaline junkies are heading to France (34%), Austria (28%) or Italy (15%) to make the most of the season. The event can be observed around the World as skiing is now one of the most popular sports on the planet Рabout 105,7 millions people from 80 countries[2] are hitting the slopes each year.

    But winter sports can be pretty dicey. Whether you are a pro or a beginner and no matter how experienced or careful you think you are being, you are always at risk of losing it racing down the slopes (but where would the fun be otherwise?).

    The ski industry has been overall stable over the past 10 years[1]. Consequently, so has the number of injuries. Not that we are trying to dissuade you from skiing, but you might as well be fully aware of the less-fun side when on the snow, just so you can be prepared. You know that this happens to even the best of us Рnobody has forgotten about Michael Schumacher.

    No need to panic though: skiing and snowboarding are relatively safe sports compared to others disciplines, with an average of one to two injuries per 1,000 skier days and two to four injuries per 1,000 snowboarder days[3]. That being said, the risk of minor injuries (thumb, ankle, knee…) still cannot be ignored.
    But there is good news : we, at Physioroom.com, will be able to help!

    medi sports range

    Skiing became popular in the 1950s and the industry has since continued to grow year on year. Consequently, so has the injury recovering industry. Specialists all around the world are working hard on creating recovery products that suit all needs Рamong them, the German sports injuUntitledry specialists, medi has won our hearts.


    Exclusive to PhysioRoom.com, medi offers a range of recovery products not only created for everyone’s needs but also from the best quality. As one leader of the market, medi products are based on about six decades of experience in the research and development of products with compression. Therefore, it is with no surprise that they were named in 2012 official supplier to theʼa href=”http://www.olympic.org/germany”>Deutscher SkiverbandʨGerman National Ski Team) and became new sponsor of the national Bayreuth basketball team in 2013.


    medi high level compression fabrics

    When its about quality and efficiency of compression fabrics, medi has a strong and experienced backgroundʻ since 1951, the company has been developing and continually improving a manufacturing procedure to exert precise levels of compression on the body at all times. But the real genius of these products is that they can also be used in warmer climate, making them ideal to wear in winter like in summer.

    medi to prevent injuries

    Let’s face itʺ gravity is not always our friend. Skiing like snowboarding require a high level of coordination and balance, but we were not all born with the same aptitudes. From experience, we know that it is really easy to make the wrong move that will lead you directly to the snow, head first. Medi products can help and prevent injuries on every parts of your body.

    Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, you won’t suffer from the same pain or injuriesʻ while skiers are more likely to suffer from their knees, lower legs or head, snowboarders most often injure the wrist, coccyx, shoulder or even ankle. If your thing is snowboarding, your risk of injury is twice as great as with skiing.


    The Back – Lumbamed range

    Skiing and snowboarding can cause some serious stress on your back. Pressure and knocks during ski runs, as well as rotation of the hips can give you some severe pain in the lumbar spine that, if not treated correctly, can force you to stop skiing for a couple of days or even weeks while your body recovers.

    Lumbar bandages from medi will help to stabilise your back and counteract lordosis while pushing the pelvis forward and raising your spine.25502_POS_A2_Plakat_Fenster_ortho_lumba

    LumbamedȠBasic : The Lumbamed basic, with its curved lines at the edge, features spring ribs that can be freely adapted to different abdominal contours. The snug fit greatly improves comfort, particularly when you’re sitting. Thanks to its new towelling material, this support is really comfortable and ensured to be well tolerated by the skin. The special knitted and adaptable form in the hip flexion region guarantees a comfortable and correct fit, particularly during longer periods of sitting. Two internal hand loops make it easier to put on.
    LumbamedȠPlus : The Lumbamed Plus features the main characteristics of the Lumbamed Basic but has been upgraded with a light and fresh integrated massage pad, which adds to the comfort of the support.



    The Elbow РEpicomed range

    Movements when using ski sticks are often responsible of painful symptoms in the elbow. This can cause a serious irritation in the area. As there is not much you can do to try and avoid it, the elbow bandage Epicomed can help and reduce the pain and recover quickly.df17b7ae84

    EpicomedɊ: This elbow bandage with pad is ideal for chronic, post-operative and post -traumatic irritation. The knitted fabric guarantees a pressure-free fit to the arm, while allowing a permanent and comfortable fit. It also ensures the best possible therapeutic activity and acceptance for sport. The optional tension strap can provide specific and adjustable pressure to reduce tension on tendon ends, particularly in high stress activities.

    The Wrist and The Hand – Manumed Range

    When its about skiing, one of the most common injury you are risking is – hold your breath Рa twisted thumb. Because everybody tries to stop from falling by using their hands (did that ever work anyway?), this is the first part of your body you may injure. This is called a ӳkierֳ thumbӠand it represents 10% of all ski injuries. Your wrist is also exposed to an intense stress during falls.4485ba4f0d

    ManumedȠactiveʺ The Manumed active is a stabilising wrist bandage for chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative soft tissue injuries. The fitting aid makes it easy to put on, even with sweaty hands. The highly elastic fitted fabric guarantees an absolutely pressure-free seal without curling or constriction while the stabilising strap band can be positioned correctly and decrease stress on the external wrist. Together with the ultra-flat suture technique on the skin side, the elastic knitted fabric leads to incomparable comfort when worn.

    ManumedȠactive T : The manumed active T is a specialist wrist bandage for chronic conditions to the wrist or thumb which are of a more serious nature. The slip-on brace features a specialist construction which allows the orthosis to be fitted with only one hand. The Airtex breathing material allows for moisture wicking which creates a high comfort zone around the injured area, so that you can wear it for long periods of time without discomfort.


    The shoulder РOmomed range

    Another 10% of the most common ski injuries are to the shoulder which can be twisted, teared or dislocated. It does sound painful, and these are really common injuries while falling onto an extended arm or onto an arm which is rotated outwards.b64e1ef0a6

    OmomedɊ: The Omomed is a compression bandage that will help your shoulder joint to recover. It allows you to adjust your shoulder and arm movements individually, with two different positions of the strap eyes. By limiting the movements of your arm, it also helps avoiding to damage it further. A mild local compression on the soft tissue coat lead to a reduction in swelling. A special strap guide prevents the strap from cutting into the shoulder or chest.


    The Knee РGenumedi and M.4 range

    Knee injuries make up about a third of all ski injuries, and represent even half of them for women. The most frequent injury to skiers used to be fracture of the lower leg however, thanks to the use of improved and high cut boots, the most common accidents are now higher up, in the knee (it doesn’t exactly sound like it, but it is kind of a good thing, really). The risk with a knee injury is to damage the ligaments, as they are put under additional stress by the increased speed.

    GenumediɊ: The Genumedi is a knee support with a patella silicone ring for chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative irGenumedi_pro_Kat_silber_MG_0380ritation. Its knitted fabric provides a comfortable compression over the whole area without constriction while the mount of the patella silicone ring is open to the inside of the knee to help to reduce contact pressure. This, in turn, reduces pain, particularly when there is physical damage. The internal silicone-coated adhesive strips guarantee that the support fits reliably on the leg.

    6235x-6245x-6295X-6305x-3.gifThe M.4s is a knee support featuring a hard frame stabilising orthosis. Its light aluminium construction provides a greatest comfort to the wearer and the patented joint minimises slippage. The optional restriction to extension and/or flexion helps to protect from harmful joint movements. Additionally, the special frame construction allows for a greatest comfort even with ski and snowboard boots.
    The M.4s OA is an orthosis with a stabilising hard frame to reduce varus and valgus stress. Also featuring a light aluminium construction to enhance a great comfort to the wearer, its adjustable joint provides the necessary restriction to extension and/or flexion in order to protect from harmful joint movements. The reliable pressure displacement and stress release with adjustable varus/valgus joints near the affected joint. Additionally, the special frame construction allows for a high wearing comfort even with ski and snowboard boots.

    The ankle joint does not, maybe surprisingly, represent one of the most common ski injury anymore, thanks to the introduction of hard-shell ski boots. However, the rate of injuries of the ankle is almost 4 times greater for snowboarders than for skiers. The most common cause of this injury is that the tip of the skis gets caught up and the ski attachment isn’t properly released.

    The Levamed is a support helping to stabilise the ankle joint and to release stress in patients suffering from chronic post-operative and post-traumatic irritation. It features a knitted fabric with a pressure-free-edge , which guarantees a27d9f197a9n absolutely pressure-free seal which nestles perfectly into the lower leg. The elasticity of the knitted fabric makes fitting over the instep easier Рparticularly when there is swelling, and the soft comfort zone in the sensitive instep area allows to wear the support all day, even when sitting most of the time. Activity is guaranteed.

    The achimed ankle support features an Achilles tendon support with heel wedges, to reduce stress in chronic or acute irritation. IIt features a knitted fabric with pressure-free-edge , which guarantees an absolutely pressure-free seal which nestles perfectly into the lower leg. The elasticity of the knitted fabric makes fitting over the instep easier Рparticularly when there is still mild swelling, while the two separate heel wedges greatly reduce stress on the Achilles tendon during acute inflammation.


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