PhysioRoom Harley Street Baselayer Compression Shorts

The all new PhysioRoom & Harley Street Elite Impact Compression Short is a fully patented, second-generation compression garment for use in a wide variety of sports. With a new and improved design, the Elite Compression Short is the result of extensive scientific and athletic research at the hands of Dr Jerry Gilmore of Harley Street. The Gilmore Training Shorts were specifically developed for sufferers of Gilmore's groin or any groin or hamstring injury.
  • Wicking fabrics allow the shorts to breathe.
  • Support the groin muscles and the hamstrings.
  • Unrestricted four way movement.
  • Compression Shorts offer unrestricted aerodynamics.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Harley Street Baselayer Compression Shorts?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Helps to reduce swelling.



It has a comfortable anti-chafing material design.



Help with the recovery of injuries.

Key Features


Decreases the symptoms of delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Remove Moisture

Remove moisture away from the skin.


Higher, thicker waistband.


Complete flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gilmore's Groin is an exceptionally common injury in the field of kicking sports such as football and rugby, and was first recognised by world renowned groin specialist Dr Jerry Gilmore in 1980. Having noticed the ailment within athletes in the footballing world, Gilmore spent the best part of 20 years working alongside the injury, treating it and eventually designing the Impact Shorts to help counteract the effect of the otherwise debilitating condition. Though commonly referred to as Sports Hernia, Gilmore's Groin features a tear in the aponeurosis of the External Oblique muscle or a tear to the Internal Oblique muscle. The name 'Gilmore's Groin' is more suitable due to the fact that no actual herniation takes place.
These shorts are machine washable.
Compression clothes are usually made out of a combination of elastic, high-wicking man-made fabrics. This includes Nylon, Elastane, Spandex.
The purpose of compression clothes is to increase blood and lymphatic flow to a specified limb or area of the body. This, in turn, may improve performance and shorten recovery time post-exercise.

More about the PhysioRoom Harley Street Baselayer Compression Shorts

The patented design is specifically engineered to support the groin muscles and the hamstrings. The support provided by these shorts may be beneficial in conjunction with an exercise programme to help with the recovery of these injuries by reducing the load put on these muscles. The compression provided may also help in aiding a faster recovery from delayed onset of muscle soreness in all athletes after exercise. The resulting product, the Gilmore Elite Impact Short is set to captivate the market with slick anatomically formulated features and complete flexibility.

Featuring a skin hugging compression fit with specialised targeting to vulnerable areas and a four way stretch design for complete impact resistance and manoeuvrability, the fully patented Gilmore Elite Short offers complete anatomical and aerodynamic efficiency during use. With supportive adductor lines and a higher, thicker waistband which provides focused support to the groin and helps to prevent the shorts from slipping during use.

With seamless edges and unrestricted four way movement, the Elite Impact Compression Shorts offer unrestricted aerodynamics and a comfortable anti-chafing material design. Wicking fabrics allow the short to breathe and remove moisture away from the skin to keep the user warm and dry during physical activity. When worn following strenuous activity, the Elite Impact Compression Short helps to reduce swelling and decreases the symptoms of delayed onset of muscle soreness. This allows the athlete to recover faster after exercise.