Pregnancy Support Belts

Maternity belts give support to the back and your bump during pregnancy and can be adjustable or bought in different sizes to fit accordingly. Our belts are made to be discreet and comfortable and fit beneath your clothes. A back support is impractical during pregnancy so a maternity belt is more appropriate to provide sacro iliac support.

Maternity Support Belt
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Cotton Maternity Support Belt
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Maternity Belts for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain, especially sacro iliac joint dysfunction, can occur during pregnancy due to ligamentous laxity as the pelvis enlarges. Supporting the back and your bump with a maternity belt not only eases back pain but promotes good posture by correcting the alignment of the spine. Promoting good posture is beneficial as doing so helps to maintain good circulation, while helping with balance and easy breathing.

We have dual-purpose pregnancy support belts designed to be used during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the support belt supports the foetus by providing some light compression underneath the abdomen. It also supports the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint - both of which are put under strain during pregnancy. The support belt can be reversed (and once the metal stays are reversed) can be used after pregnancy to support the lax ligaments and muscles around the pelvis, which helps to reduce the occurrence of back pain post pregnancy whilst the body regains its original shape.

We also have maternity belts which provide support for the lower back and SacroIliac joint (SI joint), as well as the 'bump'. Hormonal changes during pregnancy produce lax ligaments which mean that expectant mothers commonly suffer from SI joint dysfunction and lower back pain, such as Sciatica, a herniated disc and posture related back ache. Further stress can be put on the lower back and SacroIliac joint as a result of the baby's growth and the subsequent expansion of the mother's tummy. Support belts provide the ideal solution as it supports the bump as well as the lower back and SacroIliac joint, which is very effective in relieving aches and pains during pregnancy.