Thumb Splints & Supports

Our range of thumb splints, supports and braces are ideal for the rehabilitation of wrist and thumb injury or following wrist surgery and thumb surgery. In our range you'll find splints and supports that can help with ligament strains, thumb sprains & instability and supporting broken, weak, arthritic thumbs or skier's thumb injuries.

PhysioRoom Thumb Stabilising Support
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PhysioRoom Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica
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What are Thumb Splints used for?

Thumb splints are used to help stabilise the thumb joint by supporting the muscles, tendons and ligaments that can become strained or weakened due to overuse or after an injury. Falling on an outstretched hand can often lead to thumb injuries, as can repetitive activities such as typing, operating machinery or writing/drawing. If the ligaments cannot support the joint efficiently they can cause pain and movements that incorporate the thumb to become difficult. A thumb splint can help support the musculature and ligaments from excess movement, providing protection and reducing pain around the joint.

Thumb Supports & Splints for Injury Recovery & Pain Relief

Thumb splints reduces thumb pain following a fracture or sprain by stabilising the weak or injured thumbs. This will also help to prevent further injury and shorten the healing duration. Metal stays are used within the support to achieve this by immobilizing or limiting movement of the thumb. These are a popular product amongst skiers as it supports the base of the thumb joint, an area often injured during skiing.

Thumb splints with removable stabilisers cater for a range of injuries as you can add or remove depending on the type of support you require. This adjustability adds to the overall comfort of the brace and allows you to use one thumb support for injury recovery. The stabilisers help keep the wrist secure and supported. A splint with a thumb spica provides that extra stability and support to the thumb. These braces are ideal following hand and thumb surgery and during injury rehabilitation while you are recovering.

Thumb supports help with strains, sprains and instability of the hand and thumb while also reducing the likelihood of further injury. Neoprene thumb supports with compression warms the muscles and joints in the hand and thumb to help relieve pain from arthritic, stiff & aching thumbs.