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PhysioRoom Hinged Knee Brace with Removable Splints

The Elite hinged knee brace has been designed for the rehabilitation of ACL and other severe knee ligament injuries. The hinged knee brace also helps to stabilise the patella and the collateral ligaments. The Elite hinged knee brace features adjustable straps above and below the knee for added support, while the plastic hinges on both sides of the brace enhance stability.
SKU: 5760
  • Hinged knee brace that provides support for ACL and other severe ligament injuries.
  • Made from latex free Coolmax fabric and use for left or right leg.
  • With cross over straps for enhanced compression and patella support.
  • Ideal for use during snow sports to support damaged knees and relieve joint pain.

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Why Buy The Hinged Knee Brace with Removable Splints?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.

Supportive Fit

Supportive Fit

Supportive fit to ensure complete stability and security.



Comfortable and breathable to ensure you’re able to freely move about your day.



Adjustable straps above and below the knee for added support.

Key Features


Flexible knee support to ensure your range of movement isn’t completely lost.

Daily Use

Great for daily use whilst carrying out your everyday activities.


Available in small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large.


Protection during a range of activities including snowboarding and skiing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hand wash only.
A hinged knee brace is used to help stabilise the knee joint after an injury and support the ligaments so they’re stable and comfortable when you’re walking or moving around.
Only wear it all day if it’s been recommended you do by a specialist. Otherwise, no, you should not be wearing it all day.
If you’ve had surgery, the hinged knee brace is best worn for up to 6 weeks post-surgery. During this time, it’s important to limit movement so you’re able to let your ligaments repair and heal.

More about the PhysioRoom Hinged Knee Brace with Removable Splints

The Elite hinged brace provides outstanding knee protection for your knee joint during a wide variety of activities including snowboarding and skiing. It also helps to improve the stability of the knee following partial or complete tears or surgery to the knee ligaments. The hinged knee brace is also ideal for use following a meniscus (cartilage) injury. The Elite hinged knee brace features Coolmax fabric lining and breathable materials which ensure you are kept both cool and comfortable. The hinged design combined with the adjustable straps ensures this knee brace is ideal for rehabilitation and injury recovery following a severe knee ligament injury and helps you to return to sport and activities faster.

The Elite hinged knee brace features plastic hinges on both sides of the brace to help enhance stability, while the hook and loop closures easily adjust for a comfortable and easy fit. Use a mild detergent and cold water and leave to dry - the Elite hinged knee brace is not suitable for use in a washing machine or dryer. The removable and prefabricated splints can be pulled out from the brace before washing. The Elite hinged knee brace offers support for your knee injury in your daily living, allowing you to use this rehabilitative brace to better your recovery and reduce knee instability and joint pain. Functional knee braces are great in aiding the treatment and recovery of both a major or an acute injury such as a Meniscus Tear and injuries to the Cruciate Ligaments. The brace, resembling a knee sleeve, provides extra padding, helping you undertake a range of motion in your knee, guided by a physical therapist.

Remove all clothing from the area. Measuring above clothing may cause the wrong size to be ordered or the product to not fit correctly. Please use a tailors tape measure to take your measurement. To find the size you need, measure 6in above the kneecap. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size. This product can be used on either the left or the right knee.

Small: 30.5cm - 35.5cm (12" - 14")

Medium: 35.5cm - 40.5cm (14" - 16")

Large: 40.5cm - 45.5cm (16" - 18")

X-Large: 45.5cm - 50.8cm (18" - 20")

XX-Large: 50.8cm - 56cm (20" - 22")