RSI Supports

Our range of repetitive strain injury supports and wrist splints are the best way to help overcome that nagging wrist or thumb pain. A repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel occurs as a result of overuse of a body part such as the wrist and is often suffered by tennis players, or workers whose job is labour intensive such as tradesmen.

PhysioRoom Compression Wrist Support
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PhysioRoom Wrist Brace with Stabilising Splint
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PhysioRoom Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica
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Supports and Braces for Repetitive Stress Injuries & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In normal circumstances the pressure within the carpal tunnel is less than 10mmHg, but in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome this pressure rises to above 30mmHg due to swelling. During wrist movements the pressure in the carpal tunnel can rise to over 90mmHg. Increased pressure leads to increased symptoms, such as burning pain, tingling and numbness. Research has shown that using a wrist splint for carpal tunnel to prevent wrist movement is effective in relieving carpal tunnel syndrome in over 80% of patients. A carpal tunnel splint keeps the wrist in a neutral position to relieve the pressure in the carpal tunnel and provides relief from symptoms.

We have RSI wrist supports that cater for a range of injuries by incorporating removable stabilisers, which you can add or remove depending on the type of support you require. This adjustability adds to the overall comfort of the brace while the stabilisers help keep the wrist secure and supported when needed. RSI wrist supports with a thumb spica provides that extra stability to the thumb to help relieve symptoms. We also have a braces with an immobilisation system which offers the maximium support for RSI injuries and carpal tunnel.