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PhysioRoom Harley Street Elite Patented Core Compression Training Shirt


To enhance your performance to the highest level in sports and at the gym, choose the PhysioRoom x Harley Street Sports Enterprises Ltd collaboration. This range of carefully designed compression clothing uses advanced compression technology to reduce muscle fatigue and maximise performance.

The Compression Shirt range comes in 4 sizes and is designed to improve stability and increase blood circulation around the body for peak performance. Targeting your central and lower core areas, it also provides improved recovery to help maximise gains, and minimise the risk of injury.

  • Neoprene material with 1mm thickness and four-way stretch.
  • Improves energy levels and reduce fatigue to help achieve peak performance.
  • Helps to control lower back, lower abdominals, shoulders and central core.
  • Aerodynamic, intelligent design made for athletes of all levels.

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Why Buy The Core Compression Shirt?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Reduces fatigue.

Improves Performance

Improves Performance

Compression shirts improves overall performance.



Comfortable material.

Key Features

Blood Flow

Increases blood flow.


Gives you flexibility.

Increase Control

The shirts allows an increase in control.


Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are four sizes: small (91cm - 96cm), medium (96cm - 101cm), large (101cm - 106cm) and extra large (106cm - 111cm).
Compression clothing helps aid recovery by improving the blood flow to worked muscles. This allows for greater circulation. It also helps through more efficient removal of waste products that can accumulate during hard exercise.
Most compression shirts can be worn alone. But due to the tight fit, people often prefer to wear them underneath another layer of clothing.
Compression clothing can be worn during the night to aid recovery. You can do this to improve the circulation of oxygenated blood after heavy bouts of exercise or due to an injury.

More about the Core Compression Shirt

This new intelligent design provides enhanced blood flow support to the shoulders, mid-section (mid and lower core) and lower lumbar. Not only should it add an extra 1 of 2 percent to your performance, but also offer psychological gains. You will feel stronger in both mind and body, giving you the confidence to safely push yourself to new limits and potentially personal bests!

The smooth, seamless construction of our Core Compression Shirt makes it feel like a natural extension to your workout clothes and skin. No matter the exercise you are undertaking it won’t inhibit your movement and provides a streamlined and aerodynamic edge to everything you do. With warmer muscles you will be able to increase endurance levels to burn more calories and achieve those long-sought after goals.

This Core Compression Shirt is available in four sizes. It also plays an important role post-workout as the added warmth helps to aid muscle recovery as you wind down. Made from neoprene with a 1mm thickness this is a must have for anyone wanting to see those all-important marginal gains.