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PhysioRoom Pull Up Bar


Fed up with paying too much to go the gym? Or don’t have enough time in the day to even think of going? Well, that can change thanks to this amazing Pull Up Bar that offers 100kg of weight resistance, allowing both men and women of all ages to keep fit at home. It ensures a firm hold and lets you get to work to get rid of your frustrations for the day.

  • Comfortable grip reduces irritation on your palms
  • Great for intense upper-body workouts
  • Fully adjustable bar to fit the length you need
  • Made from super tough steel to increase durability
  • Can be temporarily fixed or permanently fixed into place

DELIVERY within 1 - 4 working days

Subject to delivery postcode

Why Buy The PhysioRoom Pull Up Bar?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from durable materials that won't tear



Ensures a full upper-body workout



Material perfect for comfortable use



Can be stored easily when not in use

Key Features


Improves your overall strength including arm and abdomen strength


This bar is adjustable in length


Perfect for use on the day of delivery


This bar allows a weight of up to 100kg


Get in shape with minimum fuss


Helps improve stamina and agility

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, pull-up bars work several parts of your arms, back and shoulders. So if you’re looking for something to help you work various parts of your body in one go, a pull-up bar is ideal.
This depends on your fixtures and your door. Our pull-up bar comes with some handy rubber fixtures to ensure there’s no damage, but if you’re happy to repaint after removing the pull-up bar, then we have permanent fixings too.
You’ll primarily work your lats and biceps, but you’ll also work on your deltoids, rhomboids and your core.
Yes, they do! They’ll tone up your upper body and help to sculpt your abdomen.

More About The PhysioRoom Pull Up Bar

The kit comes with comfortable grip pads which reduces irritation on your palms when doing intense workouts with your upper body. It also includes transparent rubber closures on either side of the pole, reducing unwanted marks appearing on the door frame so you never have to worry about cleaning or having to re-paint after long-term use.

Best of all this adjustable Pull-Up Bar uses a telescopic system to extend to the length you need. You just secure it in place before starting your workout. If you would prefer to have it fully installed as a permanent fixture we also include screws and instructions for you to use.

Made from extremely tough and durable steel this Pull Up Bar has an approximate diameter of 30mm. The length of the pole ranges between 80-100cm depending on how wide your doorway is. Use it to exercise arms and shoulders, or keep fit by doing classic routines such as chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups.