Gymnic Medicine Ball

The Gymnic Heavymed medicine ball is for those looking to take their strength and conditioning training to the next level.
SKU: 97.05B
  • Used for strengthening exercises.
  • Ideal for power exercises & plyometric drills.
  • Choice of 6 sizes & weights.
  • Use for core strength drills.

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Why Buy The Gymnic Medicine Ball?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Robustly constructed.



Use for a variety of different exercises.



Increase your strength.

Key Features


Take anywhere you need to go.

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.


Easy store away.


Available in 6 different weights.

Frequently Asked Questions

500g/10cm (Green)

1kg/12cm (Red)

2kg/15cm (Yellow)

3kg/17cm (Blue)

4kg/20cm (Purple)

5kg/23cm (Orange)

Yes, all Gymnic products are latex free.
Yes, it is waterproof.
No, medicine balls don't bounce.

Gymnic Medicine Ball

Medicine stability balls are available in a range of different weights from 500g up to 5kg and are colour coded to clearly identify size and weight. A large number of exercises can be performed with the medicine balls alone or they can be used in combination with other fitness equipment such as the dual height exercise step to further increase difficulty. A few examples include; medicine ball squats, medicine ball slams and medicine ball throws. The medicine ball exercises can be performed almost anywhere and can be easily taken on the go to places like the gym or office. Medicine balls are common amongst many different sports teams to individuals looking to follow a fitness routine at home.