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PhysioRoom Hand and Finger Exerciser

Mastering a musical instrument, using a keyboard every day, or taking part in sports activities that require handheld equipment can take a strain on your hand and fingers. This hand exerciser offers a great way to get to grips with your daily tasks by strengthening the muscles in your hand, fingers and forearms to improve grip and all-round dexterity.
SKU: HG-05
  • The ideal hand tool to exercise your finger muscles.
  • Enables you to strengthen your grip for long periods.
  • Available in two resistances: light and heavy.
  • Great for musicians, typists and sports people who use handheld equipment.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Hand and Finger Exerciser?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Helps to make your hands and fingers more dexterous.



Strengthening the muscles in your hands and fingers.

Regular Use

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.

Key Features


Features adjustable tension levels.


Carry anywhere you need to go and even use on the go.


Easy storage.


Improving your grip strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can use this for both right and left hand.
It is made out of polypropylene, iron and metal.
The main advantages are increase strength, improve grip, enhance performance and becoming more dexterous.
No, you will have to choose if you want to go for the light or heavy exercsier.

More about the PhysioRoom Hand and Finger Exerciser

For tennis, squash and golf players, having a good grip plays an important role in your ability to strike and control the ball as you need. This hand exerciser has been created to get your fingers, hands and forearms into perfect condition before your next event. Not only is it fantastic at improving your grip strength, but it enhances your dexterity so you can make quick adjustments as you play.

Even writers and typists who use a keyboard every day can use this hand exerciser. The speed and accuracy you have developed over time can be maintained, so if you take an extended break for any reason, your fingers and hands are in great shape and ready to go. When your hands are your tools you deserve to keep them in great condition for as long as possible.