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PhysioRoom Elite Exercise Abdominal Roller Wheel with Auto Return Function

Our elite abdominal roller wheel is a great way to engage in abdominal workouts at home, helping you to strengthen your arms, chest, back, and core muscles. It features a strong internal mechanism that creates ongoing resistance as you complete the roller exercises, targeting and improving your core stability and core strength. 

This exercise wheel is a fantastic alternative to conventional core exercises such as sit ups, which only provide results when paired with other forms of exercise. Designed with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip, and less risk of injury, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get into roller workouts, tone their core abdominal muscles, or just improve their core strength and fitness levels from home.
SKU: WH-07
  • Broad wheel structure to ensure stability and balance.
  • Designed to strengthen and engage muscles.
  • Handles on the roller can be easily removed.
  • Strong resistance provided by internal kinetic engine.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Elite Exercise Abdominal Roller Wheel?

Tone Muscles

Tone Muscles

Tone your ab muscles.



Use for strengthening the core muscles.



Non-slip hand grips.

Burn Calories

Burn Calories

Accelerate the burning of calories.

Key Features


Simple and easy workout.

Full Body

Work out your arms, chest, back and core.


Offers stability, so you maintain your balance.


Easy to grip and hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’ll help you lose belly fat and strengthen your muscles.
Yes, an ab wheel is great on its own, sit-ups don’t really do anything unless paired with other forms of exercise.
Benefits include strengthened muscles, toned ab muscles and better agility.
Yes, it will significantly increase your ab strength.

More about the PhysioRoom Elite Exercise Abdominal Roller Wheel

The vast majority of the exercise wheels simply enable you to roll out and back without any form of resistance. But thanks to the ergonomic design of the wide, spherical wheel, it deeply engages with your core muscles, including your obliques, as it moves from the right to left. By strengthening the core muscles the spine and pelvis area are also stabilised in return.

When using the exercise wheel users are able to extend at their comfort, slowly increasing the stretch to suit their ability. At the same time, strain on the back will be minimised, allowing you to focus on exercise without being concerned about injury. The wheel also offers real stability, so you maintain your balance at all times.

Just as importantly, the ergonomic handles make it easy to grip and hold without fear of it slipping free. The wheel will help strengthen your core, back, chest and arms to accelerate the burning of calories in a way that planks or normal sit-ups can’t do. It’s a simple and easy way to work out that rewards you for your hard work and keeps you in perfect shape.