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PhysioRoom Open Patella Knee Support


The PhysioRoom Open Patella Knee Support is great for knee ligament injuries and knee joint pain. Aid recovery with this knee support and help heal any joint problems. This neoprene Stabilising Knee Support is an ultra-comfortable hinge-free knee brace that provides comfort and support for injuries to the knee, ligaments and soft tissues around the knee joint.

SKU: SM014
  • Comfortable and lightweight for everyday use.
  • Breathable material for added comfort.
  • Adjustable straps for added security as you go through your day.
  • Open patella to reduce friction and increase mobility.
  • Provides support for cartilage injuries, mild arthritis and collateral knee ligament injuries.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Open Patella Knee Support?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high-quality breathable materials.



Adjustable straps added for security.

Added Comfort

Added Comfort

Padding supports comfort in the knee.

Daily Use

Daily Use

Great for daily use.

Key Features


This knee support is known as a compression support so it fits tightly around your leg without cutting off circulation for maximum support.


For people who want solid knee support but would prefer a less bulky support to go through their day with.


Latex free and made from Neoprene 65%, PP 3%, Nylon 27% and Steel 5%.


Breathable and lightweight material for everyday use.


Opening at the patella to ensure minimal friction.


Variable sizes available to find the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

An open Patella Knee Brace helps to support and relieve pressure on the knee from a knee injury or joint pain.

The hole in a knee brace helps to support the knee cap and prevent friction burn.

Ideal for improving knee stability following medial (inside) or lateral (outside) knee ligament injuries.

Provides stability, support and reassurance following menisci (cartilage) knee injuries.

Can be used in all competitive sports such as football

Remove all clothing from the area. Measuring above may cause wrong size to be ordered or the product to not fit correctly.

If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size. Please use a tailors tape measure to take your measurements.

You can download a printable tape measure online

Fits left or right knee.

Take the measurement 6 inches above the knee.

If measurements indicate two different sizes, then choose the larger size.

Small: 32cm-40cm

Medium: 40cm-45cm

Large: 45cm-50cm

Extra Large: 50cm-57cm

Extra Extra Large: 57cm-63cm

Made from multi-directional stretch neoprene this knee support provides excellent levels of comfort and support. Two lateral and medial flexible steel springs offer support to the knee joint, while the stabilising upper Velcro straps provide a customised fit for a secure fit and comfort.

An extra-soft patella pad protects and stabilises the knee cap, helping to prevent displacement, while the open patella gives ventilation and relieves pressure on the knee cap itself.

More About The PhysioRoom Open Patella Knee Support

The PhysioRoom Open Patella Knee Support is great for knee ligament injuries and knee joint pain. You’ll be able to aid recovery and help your knee heal by using this knee support when you feel like you need it most, this includes playing sports and undertaking your daily activities.

This knee brace should be tight enough to reduce the range of motion in your knee but not tight enough to cut circulations. You should avoid using it at night or for long periods of time and remember to gently move your knee in ways that are comfortable.

This knee support is designed to aid daily living whilst helping to reduce knee pain. Unlike a hinged brace, you'll have more range of movement available whilst still being supported. These features make it ideal for joint pain, ligament damage and sprained joints ensuring you have stability without loss of your range of motion.

The breathable materials in this adjustable knee sleeve allow for comfort during your daily activities whilst still allowing blood circulation and blood flow to continue as normal. You can also use this knee brace to help with arthritic knees alongside injured knees.