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Compex Trizone Knee Compression Sleeve Support

Looking for better support for your knees? Look no further than the Compex Trizone Knee Sleeve. This knee support sleeve is made with a lightweight, breathable fabric and incorporates three different zones of support to help distribute pressure and reduce inflammation.
SKU: 83-0009
  • Three zones of compression strategically placed around the knee aid peak performance.
  • Silicone bands integrated into the sleeve design offer targeted support similar to athletic taping.
  • Multidirectional elastic knitted material ensures anatomical fit and helps evacuate moisture.
  • All natural Carbonized Bamboo is thermal regulating and antibacterial, helping eliminate odours.

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Why Buy The Compex Trizone Knee Compression Sleeve Support?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Aids your performance level.



Improves your circulation.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Alleviates your knee pain.

Key Features


Prevents the risk of further injury.


Reflectivity for increased visibility.


Anti-slip technology prevents the brace from sliding.


Made with breathable fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Measure the circumference around the centre of the kneecap.

Small: 33-36cm, thigh (above knee 15cm) 39-46cm, calf (below knee 15cm) 30-35cm

Medium: 36-38cm, thigh (above knee 15cm) 46-53cm, calf (below knee 15cm) 35-40cm

Large: 38-43cm, thigh (above knee 15cm) 53-59cm, calf (below knee 15cm) 40-45cm

X-Large: 43-48cm, thigh (above knee 15cm) 59-67cm, calf (below knee 15cm) 45-50cm

No, you must choose between the left or right knee before purchasing.
Please hand-wash only.
We do not recommend wearing this support during the night. If your pain levels allow, it's a good idea to give yourself a break during the day from wearing a knee support. Like any brace, a knee support provides external support that can mean your body becomes reliant on that extra support. If worn full-time, the muscles, ligaments and tendons can weaken as a result.

More about the Compex Trizone Knee Compression Sleeve Support

This Trizone elastic knee sleeve is made with a unique hybrid design combining the properties of compression and bracing in a single sleeve. This sleeve's purpose is to support the knee while providing compression to reduce swelling and pain. To do that, it is engineered with a unique elastic knitted structure combined with silicone bands that allow for targeted zonal compression around the knee. These three zones of compressions are strategically placed around the knee to aid peak performance:

1) The stability zone is designed to facilitate smooth motion for the knee joint and increases proprioception

2) The compression zone, which improves circulation and provides moderate support to the joint and surrounding muscles

3) The lighter compression for greater comfort and motion.

Compex Trizone Knee Sleeve is designed to provide convenience and support for people with knee pain. The sleeve is made with Antislip technology to prevent sliding, so users can move around worry-free. It also has a reflective material which increases your visibility in low-light situations. Additionally, this knee sleeve has a stash pocket on the side and provides a convenient place to stow your cards and keys while you're out and about.

This support has a low-profile design that will allow you to move freely while wearing it. It is available in four sizes to ensure that it fits everyone perfectly and comes with a stylish black design that will make you look your best. So, whether you're working out or playing sports, this Compex knee compression sleeve will provide the extra support you need to keep your knees healthy.