PhysioRoom Speed Skipping Rope

This PhysioRoom jump rope is easy to carry with you making it the perfect workout accessory, making this activity both cost and time effective.
SKU: JR-04
  • Compact and portable features allow fat & calorie burning exercise to be done anywhere and on-the-go.
  • Ideal to use as part of a training or workout programme.
  • A smooth and effortless spin is ensured with our high-quality bearings.
  • The handles are ergonomically designed for easy-grip and comfort.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Speed Skipping Rope?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Ideal for calorie and fat burning.



Easy to grip.



Uses anti-slip foam.

Key Features


Use for your cardio workout.


Light to use.


Strong and durable equipment.


Comfortable handles to grip onto.

Frequently Asked Questions

It fits perfectly as part of Boxing, MMA, HIIT and Interval training.
?It measures 1 x 20 x 1 cm.
It is lightweight - weighing only approximately 100 grams.
Yes, this rope is suitable for all ages.

More about the PhysioRoom Speed Skipping Rope

This jump rope features ergonomically designed handles, crafted from anti-slip foam ensuring they are lightweight and easy to grip. The comfortable handles ensure your exercising does not have to be cut short due to hand fatigue. Skipping is a great cardio workout which can be done anywhere and at any time. Ideal to use as part of your regime for any training and this skipping rope is strong, lightweight and durable. This jump rope is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their fitness or conditioning.