Elite Core Ab Sit Up Bench


Can’t make it to the gym? Home gym equipment like our Elite Core Ab, Sit Up Bench with Tension and Resistance Ropes provides multi-function training that you can do at home. Use the bench for sit-ups, hyperextensions and leg raises so your leg, arm, back and abdominal muscles all feel the burn.

  • Used to build up strength in arms, legs, chest and stomach.
  • Pull rope exercises available.
  • Perfect for long-term use at home.
  • 4 different leg fixation positions to suit.
  • Ensures a full-body workout.
  • SKU: FR73

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    Why Buy The Elite Core Ab Sit Up Bench?

    High Quality

    High Quality

    Made from durable materials



    Provides multi-function training from home



    Ensures a full-body workout



    Padded seat for comfort during use

    Key Features

    Easily stored

    Can be folded away and stored when not in use


    Up to 4 different leg fixation positions are available


    Improves your overall strength including arm and leg strength


    Use this bench with resistance bands to ensure a tougher workout


    A pull rope is available to ensure a full workout


    Easily assembled for use on the day of delivery

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, since they’re so versatile, they’re a fantastic piece of equipment to have in your home if you’re wanting to exercise more.
    They work the muscles on your back, your legs, your arms and your abdomen.
    Sit-ups on their own are an ineffective way to strengthen your body. They need to be accompanied by other forms of exercise.
    Yes, although they don’t build muscle well, sit-ups are great for endurance and stability.

    More About The Elite Core Ab Sit Up Bench

    It’s an adjustable fitness training bench that features a completely unique frame design, and its construction from high-quality steel ensures it can stand up to long-term use. No matter your height our gym bench can accommodate you, with 4 different leg fixation positions to suit.

    The padded foam rollers offer maximum comfort so you can focus on your workout. The sit-up bench comes with resistance bands so you can push that little bit harder and enjoy those hard-earned gains bit by bit.

    Use our workout bench with resistance bands to try out a variety of different exercises, so you can build up strength in your arms, legs, chest, and stomach. From the supine position and abdominal exercises, to pull rope exercises and shoulder presses and much more, you’ll always have a lot of variety to choose from.