PhysioRoom stocks a range of high-quality sports clothing and sports accessories. And we've designed these to help aid your performance. We want to make fitness and sports participation more effective, safe and enjoyable. That's why our sports clothing and accessories are ideal for runners and cyclists to rugby players. Whether you're a newcomer to exercise or training for your 20th marathon, we've got you covered.

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Compression clothing means any sporting clothing that is tight. Not all base layers are in fact proper compression clothing, though. The purpose of compression clothes is to increase blood and lymphatic flow to a specified limb or area of the body. This, in turn, may improve performance and shorten recovery time post-exercise. They've now risen in popularity though from being only for runners. And they're now used by fitness and sports enthusiasts in a range of activities.

Whilst the evidence is not conclusive, compression clothing results in an increase in oxygen uptake to the working muscles. A reduction in blood lactate levels also occurs. Improved warm-ups have all been seen when wearing compression clothing post-exercise. But compression clothing is more than just tight fabric. It's graded in its tightness to ease blood flow. It also features wicking properties to reduce sweat and keep the athlete warm. Plus, it allows for an unrestricted range of movement.

Compression clothes are usually made out of a combination of elastic, high-wicking man-made fabrics. These may include Polymide, Spandex, and Nylon.

Shop from sports compressions clothing, accessories, and hydration products. Stay energised and hydrated no matter the distance covered!

Compression Clothing

Compression clothing is made from breathable fabrics with elasticated, high-wicking fabric technology. PhysioRoom has a wide range of compression clothes on offer. Shop from shirts to compression tights and sleeves.

How Does It Help The Muscle?

Available in varying levels of compression, clothing is designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow to the specified limb. In doing so, it may help to improve performance and shorten recovery time when used during and post-exercise. Click here to learn more.

For Comfort

If you are experiencing muscle pain, the use of compression gear may help to keep muscles warm and supplied with a healthy blood flow. For ultimate comfort, choose a garment that is tight-fitting without being restrictive.

For Protection

PhysioRoom also offers a range of protective gear for sports like swimming, boxing, weightlifting and running.

For Football, Running and More

For those playing team sports, compression clothing can help to keep you warm. This makes them perfect for early morning and late evening sessions. Compression clothing also has thermoregulation properties. Plus, it acts as a great base layer.

Can It Improve Sports Performance?

A compression garment isn't going to improve athletic performance by magic. But the effects on performance have been found to help reduce muscle soreness and recovery after exercise. The increased blood flow to target limbs is just one of the positive effects of compression garments. Remember to consult a healthcare professional carrying out strenuous activity.