Advanced Compression Shorts


The PhysioRoom baselayer compression shorts have been specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of groin, thigh and hamstring injuries. The shorts have been made from an ultra-thin bioelastic structure to ensure total comfort and greater mobility so you're able to use them all year round including in hot weather. The compression fit improves blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles, increasing endurance during physical activities.

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  • Provides an improved athletic performance
  • Provides a greater endurance during physical activities
  • An essential rehabilitation tool for sports Provides a more accurate execution of movements
  • Provides a more accurate execution of movements
  • Reduces muscle fatigue

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Why Buy The Advanced Compression Shorts?



Improves your overall health condition

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high-quality materials



Reduces soreness after working out



Alleviates pain after exercise

Key Features

Daily Use

Great for regular daily use


Sweat dries faster and there’s minimal chafing


Reduces energy loss in the process of muscle contraction


Comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit everyone


Ensures a full range of motion is kept


Made from a combination of spandex and polymide

Frequently Asked Questions

They’re for individuals who regularly exercise, they’re made to delay the onset of muscle soreness.
Yes, as long as you’re in good health generally then you can wear them regularly.
Yes, they should be tight but not constrictive. It’s key not to cut circulation.
Compression shorts and clothing help to delay the onset of muscle soreness.

More About The Advanced Compression Shorts

Use the compression shorts for men to help treat and prevent hamstring, groin and thigh injuries, they are also ideal when minimal support is required. The shorts effectively regulate your body temperature so are suitable for all-season use.

The elasticated waistband helps to provide comfort and the pair of compression shorts themselves ensure a range of motion is available whilst helping with faster recovery times.

The base layer shorts help to provide support to hamstring, groin and thigh injuries which ensure improved athletic performance.

Compression shorts are ideal for those who love exercise, especially those who do it regularly. You need to make sure that your circulation isn't cut off, they should be tight but not constrictive. This could otherwise damage the blood flow in your legs.

Compression clothing is great, they help to reduce the risk of injury, whilst ensuring a full range of muscle movement is still available. Since your injury risk is now reduced, you just need to enjoy a great workout!


Measure around the waist, above the hips. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size.

Small: 70-80cm (27.6-31.5")

Medium: 80-90cm (31.5-35.5'')

Large: 90-100cm (35.5-39.5")

X-Large: 100-110cm (39.5-43.3")