PhysioRoom Resistance Exercise Band - 15cm x 5.5m

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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

What is the PhysioRoom Resistance Band Box?

The resistance band box features a latex band measuring 5.5m x 15cm, which can be cut accordingly to suit your preference. The latex bands are available in a range of resistances, designed for use strengthening exercises during injury rehabilitation and sports training.

When to use it

The resistance provided by a latex band is ideal for targeting and working specific muscle groups and tendons during rehabilitation and sports training.

Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets and repetitions gradually. Then once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level of resistance provided by the next latex band.

Common Conditions

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Ankle sprain
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Tibialis Posterior tendon problems

How it Works

Latex bands by PhysioRoom are made from a high grade medical rubber, 99.99% free from latex allergens. They provide a graded amount of resistance to movement depending on their elasticity. To use - simply fix them to a secure object such as wall bars, and they will provide an excellent method of resistance training for the strengthening of specific muscles and tendons.


  • Light - Yellow (0.15mm)
  • Medium - Red (0.20mm)
  • Firm - Green (0.25mm)
  • Strong - Blue (0.30mm)
  • Extra Strong - Black (0.35mm)
General Specs
ColourYellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black
One SizeYes
Functional UseYes
Material CompositionLatex
Latex FreeNo
Indication (General)
Postoperative RehabilitationYes
IndicationFunctional strengthening
Physiotherapy ProgramYes. Ideal for rehabilitaion after injuryin multiplanar directions
Premium Use
Activity of Daily LivingYes
Conservative UseYes
Extreme SportsYes
Sport Activity
No Sport ActivityYes
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Internal/External Rotation ControlYes
Abduction/Adduction ControlYes
Range Of Motion ControlYes
Indication (Knee)
General InstabilityYes
Indication (Ankle)
Ankle Injury PreventionYes
Post-Op Ankle TreatmentYes
Chronic Ankle SprainYes
Post-Op Foot TreatmentYes
Effectivity (Ankle)
Inversion PreventionYes
Eversion PreventionYes
Rotation PreventionYes
Plantar FlexionYes
Proprioceptive & Neuromuscular StimulatiYes
Indication (Arm & Elbow)
Rotator Cuff RepairYes
Biceps, Triceps RepairYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Stability IncreaseYes
Ligament Tendon RepairYes
Detailed Specs (Cardio Equipment)
Resistance TypeLight, Medium, Firm, Strong, Xstrong
General Specs (Weightifting Machines)