Elite Folding Abdominal Arm & Leg Trainer with Screen


It’s now easier than ever to improve your fitness levels at home, with so many fantastic pieces of equipment to choose from. Our Elite Abdominal, Arm & Leg Trainer is one that should be close to the top of your list, offering a simple but effective way to tone up and keep your whole body limbered up and ready for the day ahead.

  • Ideal no matter your exercise level
  • Great for intense lower-body and upper-body workouts
  • Helps build endurance and strength
  • 4 levels of resistance and 5 levels of difficulty
  • Digital screen with repetitions, time and more
  • Foldaway design makes it easy to store away
  • SKU: FR71

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    Why Buy The Elite Folding Abdominal Arm & Leg Trainer with Screen?

    High Quality

    High Quality

    Made from durable materials that won't tear or break



    Material perfect for comfortable use



    Ensures a full-body workout



    Can be stored easily when not in use

    Key Features


    Improves your overall body strength

    Tips and Tricks

    Integrated computer tips and tricks


    Perfect for use on the day of delivery


    Helps to lower your weight and build up your fitness


    Get in shape with minimum fuss


    Helps improve stamina and agility

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It engages your core muscles, helping you to improve your fitness and strength with one machine.
    Yes, training your legs can help with imbalance, injuries and more!
    Your muscles will never grow, you’ll become sore and eventually, it will lead to injury. Remember to take regular breaks!
    Your arms, like your legs, will become sore. You’ll never be able to grow your muscles and eventually, it’ll lead to injury.

    More about the Elite Folding Abdominal Arm & Leg Trainer with Screen

    While it works on the entire body, it offers particular focus on the belly, legs, abdomen and buttocks, giving you the edge when it comes to lowering your weight, while also increasing your endurance and strength. It is also perfectly designed for use at home, as you can easily fold the trainer away so it can be stored in a cupboard or corner of the room.

    Our Elite Abdominal, Arm & Leg Trainer is ideal for both amateurs and professionals, so you can quickly find your training level. It features 5 levels of difficulty, with 4 resistance levels, enabling you to slowly build up your fitness. Choose between strength and endurance training and work on different parts of your fitness as and when it suits you.

    Use the integrated training computer to see key information about repetitions, calorie consumption, time and much more. It gives you a better all-round picture of your performance so you can gauge the level of workout you need. Our home gym equipment is the ideal way to get fit without having to pay for costly gym fees, so your wallet keeps its pounds while you lose yours.