Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff

Have you had an injury to your calf? We have the perfect product for you. This is a Nylon cuff that is designed to utilise localised cold and compression. The Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff connects to a separately sold cooler unit to soothe swelling and promote blood flow to the affected area.

  • Uses compression and cold to target pain and swelling at the calf.
  • For patients looking to treat symptoms of calf injury.
  • Anatomically designed to cover the entire calf.
  • Separately purchased cooler enables uninterrupted treatment.
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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy The Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff?

High Quality
High Quality

Made from high quality material.

Reduces Swelling
Reduces Swelling

Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Improves Mobility
Improves Mobility

Improves joint mobility.

Decrease Tension
Decrease Tension

Decreases tension in your muscles.

Key Features

Reduces Rehabilitation Time

Quickens the healing and rehabilitation process.

Improves Circulation

Improves circulation in the affected area.

Reduces Fatigue

Reduces fatigue and stress.

Pain Relief

Alleviate any calf pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Calf Cryo/Cuff½ is one-size for adults.
To clean, drain the cuff of water and wash with soap and hot water. Repeat this a few times before cleaning with hot water only. Rinse completely and leave to dry. This process can be used to clean both the cooler and the tube.
You can use the cuff for up to two hours per session. We recommend that you leave at least twenty minutes between treatments and that you correctly manage your use time based on professional medical advice relative to your condition.
This is just the 1 x Calf Cryo/Cuff. This product requires a Cold Therapy Cooler in order to use which you can find on our website.

More about the Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff

Many elite athletes use this product following calf injuries and calf surgery. Anyone with a calf injury can also benefit from using this product. It can be used at home for the treatment of all calf injuries, such as a calf muscle strain; pulled calf; Gastrocnemius strain; Soleus strain; Tennis Leg; Plantaris strain; Shin Splints; Compartment Syndrome and following calf surgery.

The Aircast Calf Cryo Cuff is an easy to use device that circulates ice cold water to provide cold therapy in the treatment of injuries. This version is specific for the calf and offers the very best option in ice and compression therapy. It combines the therapeutic benefits of controlled compression to minimise bleeding and swelling in the calf, and cold to minimise pain.