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Supports & Braces

Whether you are looking for knee supports for running, sports & football, arthritis or more, has something to offer at great prices, be it from top brands or our own high-quality products.

We have a complete range of ankle, knee, calf, thigh, wrist, thumb, elbow, back, shoulder and groin braces, meaning there'll always be something to suit your needs.

This in-depth product catalogue features specialised materials and intelligent designs for targeted support, comfort and reinforcement where it is needed most.

Neoprene supports lend themselves to the shape of the wearer with Velcro straps and lace up systems for a customised fit. The next stages of braces and supports have advanced fabric such as Mueller's Hg80 Hydracinn fabric which wicks away moisture to control temperature inside the brace, making this style of brace extremely comfortable to wear.

Out of the entire range, knee braces are the most technologically advanced. Specialist types include arthritis knee braces, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee braces, sports knee braces and man more.

As well as supports and braces designed for sports injuries, such as the Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace, has a range of items for everyday medical complaints like walking braces and splints for fractures, the McDavid Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support for workplace injuries and the Elite Back Support for back pain.

Supports & Braces