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Rehab & Fitness

A physiotherapist will recommened various exercise aids to ensure a quick return to fitness following a sports injury, but products can also be used to promote general wellbeing. While most rehabilitation training takes place in the gym, home exercises are also vital to ensure success. Equipment that can be used for physiotherapy and fitness include gym balls, Yoga mats, exercise wheels and foam rollers.

Physiotherapy exercises play an important role in the rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

A wobble board is perfect for improving joint stability and balance both during your rehab phase and also as a future injury prevention method.

Resistance bands, loops and tubes can be used to strengthen muscles and are a great tool during rehab, commonly being used to toughen or repair areas such as the shoulder and ankle.

Equipment such as hand therapy balls are ideal in improving hand, finger and wrist movements, as well as strength.

While hydrotherapy exercises are non-weight bearing, meaning no impact through the injured area, assisting recovery. Pool exercises are ideal for healing fracture injuries as they allow improved range of joint movement, muscle relaxation and maintenance of cardiovascular fitness.

Rehab & Fitness