Wrist Support Band

Our Wrist Support Band is designed for everyday use, while also helping to support you during sporting activities such as golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball and more. It comes complete with an adjustable strap so you can find the right comfort setting, and within a short space of time you’ll soon forget you’re even wearing it.
SKU: RH049
  • Helps to reduce aching, tired and stiff muscles.
  • Features a double hook and loop closure design for a snug fit.
  • Allows you to carry on with daily activities, as well as sports such as tennis, golf and more.
  • Unisex design and universal sizing.

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Why Buy The Wrist Support Band?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality material.

Regular Use

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis and enjoy your day-to-day.



Provides ongoing stability.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Relieve pain from sprains and injuries.

Key Features


Adjustable strap to find the perfect fit for you.


Made from premium, breathable neoprene.


Gives warmth to stiff and tired muscles.


Universal size so perfect for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use to reduce pain associated with arthritis, tunnel syndrome, wrist fractures/sprain.
Yes, you can wear this during many activities such as tennis, gold and even weightlifting.
It measures ??11 x 8 x 0.1 cm.
Yes, however we recommend to wash it by hand with a mild soap and warm water.

More about the Wrist Support Band

If you experience pain associated with aching joints, arthritis or wrist sprains, or are in the recovery stage from overuse of joints or tendons, this product offers the support relief you need. Too much stress and strain placed onto the wrist can create short and long term issues, but if you are dealing with a weak or injured wrist our support band ensures ongoing stability.

Made from premium, breathable neoprene, this Wrist Support Band is both durable and flexible, giving much needed to warmth to stiff and tired muscles. The universal size can be used on either wrist and is suitable for both men and women. Blood will continue to flow freely and safely thanks to the changeable compression system, adding to your levels of comfort.

Whether you are trying to manage pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, wrist fracture, tendonitis, tunnel syndrome or wrist sprain, you can depend on our Wrist Support Band. It ensures you can still enjoy your day-to-day without feeling restricted, with the double hook and loop closure design providing the perfect fit no matter how long you choose to wear it.