PhysioRoom Wrist Splint Support

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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

What is the PhysioRoom Comfort-Pull Wrist Splint Support?

The PhysioRoom Comfort-Pull Wrist Splint Support enables you to manage wrist conditions effectively, helping to alleviate pain and giving you the freedom to get on with important activities in your life. You may be dealing with a sports-related injury, repetitive strain or coping with an age related condition. Whatever the issue, this is the ideal solution to provide ongoing comfort and protection to ensure your wrist is kept in a position that will allow it to heal and/or reduce painful symptoms.

When can I use it?

The wrist splint is intended for anyone who is in recovery following an injury to their wrist, or dealing with a condition naturally caused by ageing.

Use it as an alternative to heavy plasters which often begin to sweat and produce unpleasant smells. The support is machine washable up to 40 degrees (please remove splint/stabilizer to avoid metal from tarnishing).

It can help with conditions such as a sprained or broken wrist, repetitive strains and helping wrist ligament injuries to heal faster.

This support can also be used for people with arthritis, it can be worn all day and night if required initially. We would, however, advise taking it off to move the wrist and improve the strength frequently throughout the day.

Which size do I need?

Please measure the circumference of your wrist.

  • Small/Medium: 13 - 17cm
  • Large/X-Large: 17 - 21cm

How does it work?

The PhysioRoom Comfort-Pull Wrist Splint Support is a simple but highly effective solution that easily slips over the wrist area and can be removed just as quickly. Once the product is in position simply use the other hand to tighten the fabric carefully around the wrist. This can be easily adjusted at any time you need to provide maximum comfort. Your hand will still have freedom of movement, so your day-to-day life is not restricted in any meaningful way.

The splint/stabilizer can be removed from the wrist support through a small incision in splint pouch on either side of the support.

Material Composition

  • Nylon 29%
  • Polyester 26%
  • Aluminium 25%
  • Foam 8%
  • Copper 5%
  • Cotton 4%
  • Spandex 1%
  • PVC 2%
General Specs
One SizeNo
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
WashableMachine washable up to 40 degrees - remove splint/stabilizer to avoid metal from tarnishing