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PhysioRoom Elite Hinged Knee Brace - Adjustable Ligament Support - ACL Knee Injury Rehab - Arthritis

Product Code: RH016

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What is the Elite Hinged Knee Brace?

A high quality knee brace, designed for the treatment of knee ligament injuries and cartilage tears. Provides excellent support and fits beautifully.

When can I use it?

  • For all knee ligament and cartilage injuries and knee arthritis.
  • Ideal for the stiff, weak or painful knee and as a rehabilitation knee brace following knee injuries.
  • Breathable Airmesh fabric makes it perfect for light sports and skiing.

Which size do I need?

Fits left or right knee.
Measure around the centre of the knee. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size. This product can be used on either the left or the right knee.

  • Small: 30cm-34cm (12"-13.5")
  • Medium: 34cm-38cm (13.5"-15")
  • Large: 38cm-42cm (15"-16.5")
  • X-Large: 42cm-46cm (16.5"-18")
  • XX-Large 46cm-48cm (18.4" - 18.9")

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How does it work?

The Elite Hinged Knee Brace features an adjustable ROM hinge, which allows 0-90 degree flexion and extension to stabilise the joint and prevent hyper-extension, thus reducing the chance of an injury re-occurring.
Removable pins allow the wearer to set the hinge, limiting the knee's range of movement and speeding recovery during the rehabilitation period.
Because its Airmesh breathable construction allows air to circulate freely, the Elite Knee Brace can be worn for extended periods of time. Its four-way stretch, multi-filament fabric ensures a supportive fit and comfortable cushioning.

To wear, simply pull this all-in-one knee brace over the leg and adjust the tightness with the Velcro straps. You can then set the hinge to the desired range of movement for the knee.

Product Features

  • Provides support and pain relief for mild to moderate medial / lateral and anterior ligament damage or general weakness of the knee joint
  • Hinge includes 4 adjustable stops for restriction of movement to prevent overextension of the knee.
  • Ideal for everyday use and all types of sports activity including skiing and snowboarding
  • Made with neoprene and light, breathable Airmesh fabric
  • Fits right or left leg. Hand wash only. Check product description for size guide

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace
Material CompositionCoolplus Mesh Fabric with Aircraft Grade Aluminum Hinges
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
OsteoarthritisYes (Mild)
General Specs (Braces & Support)
Brace LengthStandard
Brace Version1 Panel
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Standard Thigh & Short calfNo
Short Thigh & CalfNo
Standard Thigh & Calf Yes
Internal/External Rotation ControlNo
Abduction/Adduction ControlNo
Range Of Motion ControlYes
Neutral PositioningYes
Indication (Knee)
Patellofemoral OANo
ACL InjuryMinor to Moderate
PCL InjuryMinor to Moderate
Combined Instability (ACL + PCL)Minor to Moderate
MCL InjuryMinor to Moderate
LCL InjuryMinor to Moderate
General Anterior Knee PainYes
Meniscal InjuryYes
General InstabilityYes
General Knee SwellingYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Elite Hinged Knee Brace - Adjustable Ligament Support - ACL Knee Injury Rehab - Arthritis has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (37 reviews)

“Excellent with no problems”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am a 75yr old skier with mild arthritis in both knees so I bought a pair of Elite Hinged Knee braces. I followed the set up instructions but it is worth having a 5 min. play just to see how they work. I used the braces for the first time as I was going ski-ing at the snow slope at Hemel Hempstead, I put them on prior to setting off to drive to the slope then had two hrs ski-ing and drove home again.Total wearing time that day was 10hrs. On taking them off there was no sweatiness like the neoprene braces, in fact when ski-ing I didn't know that I was wearing them. I did not suffer any pain the next day so the braces had done their job.
Welldone PhysioRoom for bringing these braces to market, I would also add that the quality of them was first class.

“Recommended by a friend and not disappointed”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought an adjustable knee brace to safeguard my right knee which has a weakened and often sore MCL following an accident last year. I asked PhysioRoom for advice on which of three possible braces I'd selected would be most appropriate. I purchased their selection and wore it for downhill skiing last week. It fitted my leg snugly and was not too obtrusive. No problems with the knee so I'm delighted. Did I need to wear the brace? I don't know, but I wasn't willing to risk not using it.

“Excellent quality products at a sensible price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Had a serious leg injury 14 months ago. Still not completely healed and was not able to get back to getting fit after a long recovery. Now with the quality brace I purchased I'm back training. A much smaller version than the full leg brace I had to wear 24/7. Now I'm free to get around safely. Brilliant.

“Quick delivery and great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This brace was perfect for what I needed with a ruptured ACL. Delivery was quick and the product fits well as I followed their size guide. Easy to change the angles and looks good.


Reviewed by Anonymous

The knee braces are superb! they inspire confidence when we ride our trials bikes. We are all getting older and less mobile and these braces avoid unwanted drama. Excellent service too. Many thanks

󈬈 hrs delivery as standard”

Reviewed by simon Hammond

Ordered at 10am delivered the next day (standard delivery ). Very happy with the knee brace, for £50 it's good quality and fits well. 10 times better than a knee brace from the chemists. Plus you can adjust the amount of movement you need. 10 out of 10.

“Excellent Service”

Reviewed by Nicky04

Ordered on Friday Morning and received Saturday morning. Fabulous service. Really easy to fit and very comfortable. I've purchased for skiing after an ACL reconstruction in February 2016. The graft is very solid and the knee feels stable and I'm really working hard in the gym for muscle stability around the knee joint, but having received the injury on the ski slope I was looking for something that would give me the confidence to trust my knee again and also to prevent any twists that may occur. The brace arrived in time for me to give it a run out at my local indoor ski centre. I have to say, within ten minutes, I'd forgotten I was wearing it and started to focus on getting my ski technique back.

I'm nearly 50, very physically fit and didn't want to give up skiing, I think this potentially could give me a few more years on the slopes yet! Thank you.

“great for skiing”

Reviewed by Stuboy

I am 47 have limited cartilage in both knees and enjoy skiing. I have never used support before but bought two braces ahead of three trips and 14 days skiing this season (2016). I was amazed at how sturdy I found the support and how much more confident I was on the slopes, regardless of on or off piste. I was also taken out by a boarder and felt the braces saved me from serious injury. Highly recommended if you enjoy challenging skiing but have knee issues.

“great for skiing”

Reviewed by Stuboy

I am 47 have limited cartilage in both knees and enjoy skiing. I have never used support before but bought two braces ahead of three trips and 14 days skiing this season (2016). I was amazed at how sturdy I found the support and how much more confident I was on the slopes, regardless of on or off piste. I was also taken out by a boarder and felt the braces saved me from serious injury. Highly recommended if you enjoy challenging skiing but have knee issues.

󈬓 years of pain, now support and relief:-)”

Reviewed by Vinmaster

I have severe damage to my patella, ligaments are frayed, cartilage is mush, due to an accident 35 years ago.
I live in constant pain which has increased year on year, the usual sport supports are helpful but uncomfortable wearing for long periods of time. Key hole surgery is an option I have, but the damage is not reversible and will weaken the knee joint so I am content to brace it in the long term. This brace is brilliant, I can control the range of bend very simply and the pressure applied to the inside of the joint is instant relief. I can also sleep better wearing it as it prevents the leg bending sideways. pain relief at last without pills!

“Quick service”

Reviewed by Elvira

I ordered this brace and received it the following day at 9.30am. Very good comfortable support, I can walk again. Money well spent

“Well made, versatile supports”

Reviewed by Sharpy

I've not used hinged knee supports for a long time but had to get some new ones as I'm going skiing for the first time in 20 years. These ones are fantastic. Well made and the adjustable hinges allow you to change the possible angles by simply moving some pins. Which when you're skiing with knees like mine is very much needed.

“freedom from the one size fits none NHS splint”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I injured my knee in a fall four weeks ago and have been left with an initial diagnosis of torn ACL and medial meniscal tear and a full length 'one size fits none' NHS splint. I was given no advice while I wait for the results of an MRI scan (took three weeks, results will take another three...) and an appointment with the knee surgeon. Having decided, in the absence of any helpful information, that totally immobilising my leg until the NHS gets around to seeing me might be good for the knee but not the rest of my leg we looked for something better. This brace is brilliant. It fits! I can use my hip and ankle normally. Unlike the cumbersome NHS splint it doesn't slip onto my kneecap and cause more pain. By moving the pins so that the hinge works I can gently exercise and even drive short distances, while locking the hinge protects my knee and holds it still at work.

“i can walk again!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am waiting for an MRI to confirm a diagnosis of ACL and medial meniscal tear and was left with a full leg 'one size fits none' NHS splint and no advice about what to do while waiting for my appointment with the knee surgeon. After three very frustrating and tiring weeks on crutches I decided to look for something better and this was it. This brace lets me use my ankle and walk reasonably well with a little help from my crutches and supports my knee better than the NHS splint which still allowed my knee to (painfully) twist from time to time. The option of locking the hinge while I get more mobile convinced me to buy the brace but I've found that I can use the hinge even though without the brace my knee won't hold me up.

“Good but metal digs in!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good brace very supportive but one annnoyance is that the metal arm digs in to my leg and is quite annoying.

“Working well. Good purchase”

Reviewed by Irene

This product is working well. My husband has on-going knee problem with over-extension etc. He is walking much better with this brace. Early days - but very pleased with the product.

“good brace but causes skin irritation”

Reviewed by Anonymous

adds stability and protection but the aluminium framing is not well covered by the fabric--

“good product”

Reviewed by GazD

was honestly advertised
the seam at the back can irritate, but easily solved by putting a light tubular compression bandage on, before the brace;
Happy with product.

“Life Saver!!”

Reviewed by Andy H

I purchased this item following an injury sustained whilst training for a charity event. (The Cateran Yomp) 54 miles in 24 hours over the Cairngorms. The only regret is that I didn't buy two. Brilliantly engineered and stood up to the utmost environmental tests in providing my knee with lateral stability and strength. Only issue was that my other knee went hence I wish I had purchased two. Perfect product of very high quality and highly recommended. Yes I am buying another as doing this charity event next year for the Soldiers Charity again.

“Good all round support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

35 years ago I lost a ligament and the cartilage in my knee. I bought a brace which allowed me to ski-off piste and all sorts of other things. I followed the physio's recommendation re strengthening the muscles to support the knee and after a few years no longer needed the brace. Roll forward 35years-I got out of bed and was in agony with that knee again. Could I find the old brace? No chance- but I thought that sports science has probably moved on so I bought this one. Good, lightweight and not so hot as the old neoprene ones. However I would add that the fit is not so snug so it shows more under your clothes. Obviously after I bought my new one I found my old one so was able to compare My knee after using this brace has returned to normal but I now know I need to keep up the phsio.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Jan M

top quality product


Reviewed by IJ

despite following the guide on line on what part of the knee to measure to get the correct size, when the product arrived it was too large and kept slipping down. As such I am unable to give a full review of the product, but after carefully following the measuring advice, I was disappointed to order and then receive the wrong size. I could have sent it back but the packaging was thrown away by a my wife tidying up too quickly

“Knee Brace”

Reviewed by Andy Smith

A sturdy & efficient product.

“Well made, easy to use and comfortable”

Reviewed by Wayne Boughen

I bought a pair of these knee braces to go skiing as my knees are shot! Due to go next week so will know then how they perform. I did however have a whole day wearing them walking to test them out and they were extremely comfortable and I felt very secure, almost like I was young again!. I am confident they will enable me to ski again a bit more as I used to.

Great product, very reasonable price for the excellent quality.

“lage item so not recomended for short people”

Reviewed by Anonymous

i am fairly short so this knee brace was almost the size of my leg which made it rather uncomtorble. the hinge is very good and responsive but i had to return mine because of it just being too uncomfortable

“Very pleased. Used it to get back skiing.”

Reviewed by Ski Instructor

After suffering grade1 tears to my ACL & LCL I needed a suitable support to help me get back skiing. I'm a part time ski instructor at my local dry slope, so it was important to find a knee brace that gave the right support and was comfy to wear all day. This brace is great, good suuport, comfy and the adjustments are useful too, all at a great price. I couldn't ask for more

“Elite Hinged Knee Brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Elite Hinged Knee Brace is a good product. However a slight design fault makes it very uncomfortable at the point where the metal strut ends at top and bottom. I had to put some padding between the ends and the leg to stop it digging into my leg.

“Certainly does the job for me”

Reviewed by John Backhouse

Hi I have recently had a scan on my right knee which I had been led to believe was suffering with osteo arthritus. The results showed I had a deficient anterier cruciate ligament and cartilage damage. I am now awaiting surgery. I decided to buy a hinged knee brace from yourselves after purchasing another knee support from physio room. The hinged brace after a few teething problems where I found it very uncomfortable and in fact it broke the skin on my thigh. I persisted with wearing it and now find it quite comfortable and it really stablises my knee. I would reccomend this brace to anybody with my problem and also your company who I find very efficient.

Kind regards

John Backhouse

“Very good Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I got this after tearing a ligament in my knee in which I also have osteoarthritis - this brace gives a lot of stability and although I find the hinges to be a bit bulky under trousers I don't think my knee would have progressed as much as it has if I hadn't used this brace, I've started to leave the hinges off now and it's still offering good support. The price is a bonus too - very reasonable.

“Marvellous product”

Reviewed by John S

After recently being diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee, I had a cortesone injection. Came away, still limping and a sore left ankle because I was putting more stress on it with the limp. Decided to try this support, amazing!!, within hours no pain in the knee and strain taken off ankle. I`m 58 and work part time as multi-drop driver and can now walk properly. Highly recommend to anyone with similar trouble.

I thought ," maybe I am clapped out", this brace has really bucked me up, more confident.

“Offers great support and stability”

Reviewed by Sacha

Comfortable unlike most ACL rehab straps. For the price, lower end, it offers fantastic support and stability.

“used this after patial knee replacment, just the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Got this instead of the donjoy rom brace to help give support after a partial knee replacement, excellent product.
I would recommend this brace to any one needing support of a week knee and help with doing the physio to build the thigh and knee strength up.

“Excellent purchase which really helped support the knee”

Reviewed by Sarah1079

I bought this for my husband to assit him when training. He suffered a snapped ACL back last year and lost confidence when doing any physical training. This knee brace gave him the confidence back and fully supported his knee. It's easy to use and my husband is very pleased with it.

“excellent support.”

Reviewed by Di Ashbow

The brace fits well. Gives good support, means l can still do a certain amount of dog training while awaiting further surgery.

“Highly recommended after acl and ligament tears..”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I sustained an acl tear, tore my meniscus and both my collateral ligaments. I was on crutches for a week. The following week, when the swelling had gone down, I bought the hinged brace. I had an important meeting to get to and crutches were not an option. The brace arrived and I gave it a go 2 days before my meeting. It was wonderful, I could walk albeit slowly unassisted. The following day, I was walking with it almost normally.. It seems unimaginable that only 10 days previous when the incident occurred, I was on crutches. I was now out shopping and doing normal everyday stuff. I know I have a long way to go but the brace has been central to my recovery and has helped me build more confidence in my knee. In my opinion, it is reasonably priced, easy to use and above all very comfortable. I am a very happy customer..

“Exceptional product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I broke my knee in a fall and had to have surgery to repair the damage. The standard brace supplied by the health service was cumbersome, uncomfortable and very quickly smelly. The relief from a product that still maintains the restriction of movment, but makes this bearable. aprovides a welcome periodic relief and actually allows the movement the standard one was supposed to - this one doesn't end up sliding down my leg all the time!

“Elite Hinged Knee Brace”

Reviewed by E.

The brace was amazing. I got injured 2 days before going skiing and thought I would not be able to ski anymore. The brace made it possible and I am so happy.

One can tell the materials are very high quality and the support you get is amazing.

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