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PhysioRoom Elite Back Support - Lower Back Brace - Lumbar Support & Pain Relief - Ease Muscle Spasms

Product Code: RH022

£17.99 inc VAT




What is the Elite Back Support?

A top-quality neoprene back support with metal stays, which provides superb support, warmth and back pain relief.

When can I use it?

  • During manual work activities such as lifting and handling.
  • During sports.

Which size do I need?

Measure around the waist to work out the most comfortable width and circumference of support. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size.

Free PhysioRoom Towel
  • Small: 62cm-81cm (24"-30") / product height: 25cm
  • Medium: 82cm-90cm (21"- 34") / product height: 26cm
  • Large: 91cm-100cm (35" - 38") / product height: 26cm
  • X-Large: 101cm-107cm (39" - 42") / product height: 27cm
  • XX- Large: 108cm-111cm (43"- 46") / product height: 27cm

How does it work?

High grade, closed cell neoprene, with a nylon shell and a terry cotton lining, reinforced by four metal stays, provides the best possible combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort. Twin pulls on either side give easy adjustment and can be custom tightened to provide exactly the right amount of support and back pain relief.

The support provided by the metal stays improves your posture and restricts movement to aid treatment of back problems such as a slipped disc, degenerative disc disease and sciatica.

The heat provided by the high quality neoprene can help to ease back muscle spasms and lower back pain associated with a herniated disc and spinal stenosis.

Elite Back Support material composition:

  • 50% neoprene
  • 30% cotton
  • 20% nylon

Product Features

  • GOOD QUALITY: A top-quality neoprene back support with metal stays
  • VERSATILE: Use during manual work activities such as lifting and handling
  • FEATURES: High grade, closed cell neoprene, with a nylon shell
  • POWERFUL BACK PROTECTION: Helps prevent injury and boost performance during running, football,golf
  • A MEDICAL-GRADE: Help to ease back muscle spasms and low back pain associated with a herniated disc

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo - available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseSupport / Pain Relief / Massage
Functional Type/CategoryBack Brace
Material Composition50% Neoprene, 30% Cotton, 20% Nylon
Latex FreeYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Elite Back Support - Lower Back Brace - Lumbar Support & Pain Relief - Ease Muscle Spasms has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (129 reviews)


Reviewed by Kitty

I was finally able to put this product to the test on the allotment. Normally I can't dig for long without suffering severe backache. Yesterday I decided to dig up some well established raspberry canes and I barely felt a twinge. The only thing that stopped me working was the fork broke under the strain of digging. That is true!

“Back Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered a back support over the bank holiday and was able to track delivery with no hassle it was delivered on Tuesday. I didn't pay extra for express delivery so well done. Although the support was the cheapest in the range,it's very well made and I have no complaints,made of neoprene with very strong Velcro straps excellent quality.

“Excellent service and prompt delivery”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent service and prompt delivery. The support belt has really helped with my recovery from a slipped disc.The belt is really supportive and fits as expected.

“Good product on first impression”

Reviewed by Rachael

I ordered this belt for my boyfriend as he has a L5 S1 herniated/slipped disc. He suffers really badly with not only lower back pain & sciatica but also upper back aches this has been going on approx 2 year. From what I have seen so far it seems to be working to support his lower back and posture therefore stopping some of the pain along with exercises he uses online. This really is worth a shot for anyone suffering in a similar case for £15.99 you would be mad not to give it a try! And like many people I would pay anything to see him happy and active again :)

“back strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered one of these back supports for my husband who has a weakness in his lower back. He used it when gardening last week & came in saying that it supported his back & he could have continued all day if needed! What a Result!! Thank you!

“Absolutely Brilliant!!!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Words cant even describe how brilliant this purchase was for me. Not only did it come super fast but it has been an absolute god send. After 18 years of gymnastics i already suffer with my back but from having 2 major operations this past 18 months its become even worse. I was loosing all hope not only on being able to get through the day without being keeled over in pain but i have been longing for at least 1 decent night sleep since god knows when. Its brilliantly made, very sturdy and does exactly what it is supposed to do and the size fits perfectly with the adjustable straps to suit your needs. I was a bit wary at first thinking it was only for people that lift weights etc but after speaking to my specialist and physio i thought i would give it a go and for the price you cant complain. I don't think i can recommend this product enough.

“Good quality product that performs as described, with timely”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this support to help me along with an ongoing back injury. It provides good adjustable support, while allowing a relatively normal range of movement. I use it to prevent slouching into my lumbar, and the relief of my sciatic pain is almost instant. Can be worn descreatly under loose clothing, although it might get a little stuffy in the warmer months.

“Fantastic product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The back support is excellent and the heat generated is very soothing. I would recommend this to anyone with back pain/ache. The size guide is very accurate. I have a 34" waist and the large fits fine.

“ Elite Back Support”

Reviewed by Harri

This back brace is comfortable to wear and I felt was OK for me.

My physio said this item was not quite right for my back problem sciatica , as I am sat all day, a back brace with more support would be better.

I can still wear this if I am walking around or wish to do more energetic exercise.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product. Wear it for work and playing badminton!! Stops your back from aching !Could not live without it!

“Back belt”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good product, very effective

“Good value”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Well made back support and very good value.

“It is what it says it is!!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have only used this a couple of times but stopped me from straining my back. Great service & very prompt delivery.

“provides the support it claims”

Reviewed by Anonymous

wearing the support has enabled me to do some gardening again. by holding my back straight I cannot bend it to do weeding and pruning - which means I do not aggravate my lumbar spinal distortion and pain - and being able to continue the pleasures of the gardening and the out-of-doors promotes a real sense of wellbeing.

Delivery was excellent - ordered about 12md and delivered by 10am next day

“Back support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product. Has given good support and relief from pain. Would recommend.

“very good and supportive”

Reviewed by Anonymous

very comfortable when wearing standing but not when sitting down. excellent value for money. good quality material used.

“Elite Back Support ”

Reviewed by Bob the gardiner

Excellent value, used a few times now when gardening and doing any lifting. Gives total support and keeps back warm thoroughly recommended.

“Good Back Brace”

Reviewed by Anne Macpherson

Happy with this product, effective and easy to use.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good for back pain.

“good deal fast service”

Reviewed by Anonymous

good deal reasonably priced quick delivery

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Just what was needed. Very helpful description on the website.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Superb product, excellent delivery service, great value and easy to use web site, no complaints and would thoroughly recommend


Reviewed by Anonymous

Nice and warm

“very good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I can't express the relief I felt when wearing the belt, it gave support and confidence in moving whilst waiting for my back to return to 'normal', wish I had bought one years ago!

“Excellent Purchase”

Reviewed by PHIL4739


“Eases back pain”

Reviewed by MUSICMAN

I have recently hurt my back from lifting heavy bags and have back ache most of the time which I have booked an appointment to see a chiropractor but in the meantime and probably always when working I have used the back support and find it to be a great help... Price was good and fits nice and received it quickly so overall I am very pleased and wood recommend this product for anyone with back problems or if working in a job that involves lifting things as it keeps you posture right ... Thank you

“Very pleased with back support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Does what it says on the tin

“Elite back support”

Reviewed by Banco

Great product have now returned back to work the support it gives me iz fab gives pain relief and keeps my lower bk warm so I can flex much more at the moment

“Just the job”

Reviewed by Hookerbill

I purchased this support to replace an old one which had had it's day. I unfortunately ordered the wrong size but re-ordered and the replacement arrived next day, a good fit and well made.

“Good value but could be a little more supportive”

Reviewed by HarshButFair51

This product is excellently priced, easy to fit and is not too obtrusive when being worn.

However, in my opinion, the support 'struts' could do with being a little more rigid in order to provide a greater level of support.

All in all though, I wouldn't let that stop anyone from buying this.


Reviewed by don

Prompt delivery , very good price for back support. gave great relief.

“well made”

Reviewed by gom

well made product but size ranges confusing as I thought I had ordered the correct size but it is only just able to fit me so I hope i don't put any weight on.

“Excellent quality ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent quality

“looks a great product.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Looks great but seems to come up small so have returned it for a larger size. Looks as if it will do the job well.

“quality at a good price”

Reviewed by jason collett

Great support and fit well happy with my elite back support

“Just what the Doctor ordered”

Reviewed by Colin Roy

Purchase Elite back support belt great item and so reasonably priced. It has saved me having back ache whilst and after heavy lifting in the garden. Highly recommended

“Useful support, as described”

Reviewed by Martin [email protected]

This item has helped me considerably and I have no regrets making the purchase,

“Excellent back support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am a gardener and have suffered lower back pain for years, my chiropracter sugested wearing a back support,for work. so i purchased the elite back support, it is quite comfortable, the only thing is i am unable to wear it during the summer months as it does make you sweat, and i found when i took the belt off my clothes were wet with sweat,, so i am having to wear it for a shorter period of time and take it off before i get too hot. i think it will be ok in the winter as it will keep my back warm as well as giving support. on the whole i am very pleased with my purchase, a the belt does give good support when doing heavy work, and also makes me more aware of twisting awkwardly,

“It works”

Reviewed by Anonymous

easy to use and it works.

“Excellent Support & Noticable Pain Relief Immediately”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I haven't worn this a great deal yet, but when I have I've definitely felt it's benefits in terms of improved posture and easing lower back pain. I plan to use it whilst at my desk at work, where my posture is particularly bad and, I believe, is the main contributory factor to my back pain. Based upon it's success so far, I hope that this will provide a lasting improvement.
The terry cloth lining is very comfortable, however it does get very warm underneath so I will be wearing a layer of clothing beneath it.
In terms of sizing I have found it is very true to the description - I am a size 10 woman (28" waist) and a small is an exact tight fit without any excess overlap etc.

“Far better than NHS issue Back Belts”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have the 2 lowest discs in my back worn down badly and have sarcroiliac join problems when my back "goes", but this belt DOES help with the discs(6 virtical thin steel supports in this belt.) and the secondary belt has a double pull effect helping my sacroiliac joints, I suggest people only wear these when realy needed and take them off in bed as in my expierience continious use tends to weaken the back muscles.

“excellent ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I use my back support whilst out metal detecting and gardening, so far I am very pleased. I even forget I have it on.
I am in my 70's and suffer from degeneration, a bit of arthritis causing sciatica. If this helps I will be delighted.

“Elite back support...”

Reviewed by Pez

I bought two of the supports, one for my son and the other for myself. I have already had a spinal fusion, three discs in my lower back, and have another two discs awaiting surgery. If I twist slightly I have excruciating pain, but since wearing the Elite support this has really helped a lot with this by keeping my spine secure which prevents the discs from slipping out. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone in a similar situation.


Reviewed by Supersteve

This is the first time i have had back problems and i'm really pleased with the back support. It makes a huge difference to my working day as i'm primarily office bound and sit for large periods of time. When i get out of my chair the support comes into it's own as the previous discomfort and pain i had has pretty much disappeared.

“Fantastic - so pleased!”

Reviewed by D. Robson

In desperation, my husband asked me to buy a back support belt to help his bad back. We were very surprised with quality considering the very reasonable price. Easy to use. When we finally managed to get him to a professional, the chiropractor said that we had made a good choice as the belt would certainly help him and he should continue to use it. I would definitely recommend.

“very good value”

Reviewed by backup

Ihave suffered with back pain for a long time,so i thought i would give the Elite Back Support a try and i was surprised how much better my back felt when it was worn, it can get a bit warm at times and that is the only fault i can find

“Good lower back support”

Reviewed by Gooders

Bought this to support my lower back at work as i have been having a lot of pain due to degenerative disc disease.
It gives good support altough a bit sticky in hot weather it is not uncomfortable to wear. The material it is made from does have a certain smell to it a bit like diesel.


Reviewed by Anonymous

bought this for my husband who suffers from chronic back pain. the support is great. the width of the actual back support is wide which gives added support. his older model folds over if he bends. I would use this site again when he needs a new support.

“Back Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product wore it for a week back ache gone

“Excellent back support”

Reviewed by RevvingVicar

Bought this to help with hedge trimming and strimming work, which normally causes my back to ache. Great help, with hardly any twinges! Superb value for money, so one happy gardener.

“elite back support”

Reviewed by kyperhern

product too thick and cumbersome to wear under clothing and weighs a ton

“Back saver”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This product helped immensely.

“good support”

Reviewed by judy

well worth the money excellent support for the back, use it for when i do my gardening,

“great support”

Reviewed by binman

bought this to replace older back support brilliant product lot wider than my old one giving much neede support.
working as a recycling operator on lorry lots of bending and lifting this product was exactly what I needed great quality.

“Elite Back Support”

Reviewed by Malk S

I have had many back supports over the years and this has by far been the best I have ever used. I just finished a punishing performing schedule as the 'Plant' in Little Shop of Horrors and the costume I have to carry is enormous and cumbersome. This support did the job of helping me get through the performances.Its adaptable, sturdy and very well made. Good job.

“brilliant back support ”

Reviewed by ddland

Just ordered and got a second belt they are brilliant just what my husband needs for his back would definitely recommend

“Very good support”

Reviewed by Hooverman

Gives the back good support comfortable to wear a very good price

“Great my back problem has eased, on pain”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This support has made a real differences, I do not suffer
The pain that I've had before. I would highly recommend this product.

“relief from back pain”

Reviewed by Anonymous

As the beaver in Disney,s Lady and the Tramp says, 'It works real swell'
My back is much better and now need the support only when doing something which involves lifting or bending a lot. At your offer price it was too good to mis.

“Highly recommended ”

Reviewed by Stevebrown

I have used other back supports in the past, this is the best by far.
It's so comfortable I almost forgot I was wearing it

“Very good”

Reviewed by L hickey

Posture lot better so helps pain


Reviewed by Gaz

Great product, fantastic value for money. Suffer with long standing back problems due to major surgery when younger, this gives me the extra support I need. Would not hesitate to order further products from this company.

“Elite back support”

Reviewed by Dan 8

Whilst this back support is he of some help I think it could do with a bit more support around the lower back area. But it seems well made and I would look at there products again.

“Elite back support”

Reviewed by ddland

Very impressed gives my husband the back support he needs.

“over the moon nearly pain free now my best buy this year ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good quality product compared to some others, has made a world of difference to my back most of the pain has gone now no need for pain killers now thanks phsyio room.


Reviewed by Johnf

I have had this belt previously after major spinal surgery about 5 years ago, Unfortunately been there again over 3 levels this time, I need a support belt virtually for daily use (and with my physio's blessing) I've tried various ones and keep coming back to this one, so much so I ordered two while they were on offer! This belt totally suits me.

“Fab product, made well, great support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Would recommend to anyone

“Highly recommended.”

Reviewed by Jock.

Easy to fit and most comfortable to wear. Gives excellent
support to the back.
No hesitation in recommending the product.

“Back saver”

Reviewed by MollyMay

Really helped to ease my painful back and gave support where needed

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have been suffering with severe back pain and sciatica. This product has helped considerably in easing the pain. Would recommend.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have been suffering with severe back pain and sciatica. This product has helped considerably in easing the pain. Would recommend.

“Exactly what I needed”

Reviewed by Charlie

Good quality product - sent expediently and exactly as described - very pleased all round - Thank you

“Excellant product”

Reviewed by TJ

This is the second Elite back support, and they work smashing for me.

“Elite Back Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good, well made and gives relief when your work demands you have to stretch and lift on a regular basis. I would strongly recommend this item for back pain sufferers.

“Does the job!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very firm back support! Goes well with manual work!

“Very Impressed!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I love this back support; almost instant relief when I put it on. It is very good quality and feels robust (yet comfortable) and fits well. It is well worth the money.
Go for it, you won't regret it.

“Brilliant Back Sopport.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I get muscle spasm in my back from time to time, and had a particularly nasty spasm recently, resulting in hospitalisation. After initial treatment, I bought this back support, and it enabled me to get on with my life. I wore it for about a week and am now able to exercise without it. I will always wear it if I have any lifting etc to do. It is really comfortable, and very supportive of the back muscles. It is almost unnoticeable when worn under casual clothes. Highly recommended item.

“Excellent purchase and quality”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good quality and ideal for my disability. Much better quality than previous belt bought from an auction site. Would certainly recommend. Many Thanks.

“stan heskeh”

Reviewed by Pain In The Rear

I am currently suffering with severe muscle spasm in my lower back (result of back injury 25 years ago), and early indications are that the support is easing the pain, whilst allowing more movement.
The support appears to be really well made, and far more substantial than one I bought some years ago.


Reviewed by ray

excellent support and a conmstant reminder for a good posture.excellent.


Reviewed by ray

excellent support and a conmstant reminder for a good posture.excellent.

“Very happy .It does what it says on the tin”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Effective & reasonably comfortable-support is noticeable.
Gets better with use. Trousers are a little bit tighter with the support under normal clothing.
I only wear for lifting Groceries or Sport .
Wearing this I can now enjoy my lifetime sport of bowls again- approaching 80 years its a godsend.
One downside - A faint smell of rubber initially but this is rapidly fading.
I always remove after lifting jobs or sport .
Don't want the muscles to become lazy or dependent.
Recommend-if you have backpain or weakness Give it a try.

“That's better!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Tore a lower back ligament four months ago and despite osteopathy and acupuncture the problem has persisted. At least now I can move around more freely and am able to walk without sticks over a mile or so. Definite improvement now being seen.

“Good Product”

Reviewed by Ravi K

I suffer from acute lower back pain and had a particularly bad spell recently and needed some support now that I am back on my feet. I think it does give good support (I am a size 12 and found the large a good fit) and although you don't feel direct heat, it keeps the cold from getting to the lower back. I mentioned I had bought one to my my Doctor and she said that it prevent you from using your own muscles to get the strength back, and although I am all for medical advice I tend to disagree in the short term. This won't fix your back but is an excellent aid if you are going to be on your feet for long periods or are in recovery like me. I do endorse this product as I found it to really help support me (make sure you use the loo before venturing out though as it does press on your bladder!). I will be doing my back excercises but will also be using this belt when working (on my my feet a lot because I am a Makeup Artist). Don't hesitate to buy.

“Happy with the product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The product seems good and supports well.
However, it's not a panacea and should be used sparingly.

“good with reservations”

Reviewed by edwardian

There is no doubt that this supports well , it is good value for money , personally I found that after a while it became a little uncomfortable when sitting , my back injury made it difficult to not wear it during 7am till bedtime , this became itchy which must be my skin I am sure , but stillgood value

“Excellent would thoroughly recommend”

Reviewed by Carolyn Thornton

I bought this as my physio said I needed some abdominal support - (think I've got a back facet joint problem - pins and needles in my left foot and pain in back thigh). Been wearing it to work and it is making me sit properly as well as keeping me straight when standing. Pain is definately better wearing it.

“Excellent Back support”

Reviewed by Peter Miller

I have tried other suports and most were "ok" but this one was excellent it really did offer benifit and allowed me to continue working whatever i wanted to do

“Does what it says”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Gives support to lower back. Adjustments add to the firmness and the comfort.


Reviewed by PIRATE

This support is the best I have tried comfortable, adjustable and very supportive.
I would recommend this item to anyone.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Peter, North Wales

This is a great belt for people who suffer, as I do, from chronic back pain. I now wear this belt when I am doing any jobs that require bending, lifting and standing for a considerable time, for instance working with my chain saw or hedge cutting equipment. Holds me tight with no slippage and is lovely and warm. It is comfortable to wear with little or no constriction. I would recommend this belt to anyone, it works.

“Does exactly what it says ”

Reviewed by Brian

The back support is ideal for playing golf as it provides the lower back support required.
Also it is adjustable and can be tightened as required.
Slightly more expensive than other back supports looked at but worth it

“Great Product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

After suffering a back injury whilst on holiday, I ordered one of these supports on my return. Without it I would not have been able to return to work. It did a great job until my back recovered and i was after a few weeks, able to manage without it. I think someone else mentioned if you have any doubts about what size you need, go for the large size. This proved to be sound advice.

“This product gives excellent support and is really easy topu”

Reviewed by Colette Meenan

A very good product that gives excellent support when I am doing sport. It is really easy to put on. It does cause me to sweat quite a bit and I need to wear a garment underneath the belt as I seem to have an allergic reaction to the fabric once I begin to sweat. My skin becomes itchy and inflamed. Otherwise it is a great supporting belt and my particular problem with it is easily rectified.

“This product gives excellent support and is really easy topu”

Reviewed by Colette Meenan

A very good product that gives excellent support when I am doing sport. It is really easy to put on. It does cause me to sweat quite a bit and I need to wear a garment underneath the belt as I seem to have an allergic reaction to the fabric once I begin to sweat. My skin becomes itchy and inflamed. Otherwise it is a great supporting belt and my particular problem with it is easily rectified.

“superb support”

Reviewed by crabby phil

Has helped support my back and given me pain relief during working. very comfortable to wear.

“Wished I had got this weeks ago”

Reviewed by Anonymous

There is a lot of heavy lifting in my job, I started to get back pains in the lower back, but after wearing this support I have not had any problems with my back.

“excellent BACK SUPPORT”

Reviewed by stevey

Highly recommended back support I couldn't do my work without this back support.

“My Back Support”

Reviewed by stevey

With out this support I would not be able to do any heavy lifting at work. It is very comfortable and also it keeps the area warm.

“Firm support in the right place ”

Reviewed by Lea65

This product gives your lower back muscles good support especially after an injury. The pins in the back of the support are well positioned and restrict movement that would injure it further.


Reviewed by Anonymous

The support I needed was easily made available and it does make a difference.

“Brilliant back support!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have just purchased the elite back support as my old one had given up the ghost!
I have a very heavy manual job and its also in the cold, the lining helps, and really comfortable.

“Such an excellent product”

Reviewed by DusterCS

This I my first day of wearing my back support! Wow.... My back feel secure, lovely and warm and the muscles feel so much more relaxed now! I will always have a bad back, but now for the first time in years I can move without fear of pulling or twanging all my sore muscles!!! At last I feel secure in moving which in its self is a miracle!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

“Such an excellent product”

Reviewed by DusterCS

This I my first day of wearing my back support! Wow.... My back feel secure, lovely and warm and the muscles feel so much more relaxed now! I will always have a bad back, but now for the first time in years I can move without fear of pulling or twanging all my sore muscles!!! At last I feel secure in moving which in its self is a miracle!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

“Great ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

An excellent product. To put it nicely my lower back is a mess!! Physio, injections, Surgery wallis ligament, disectomy you name it I've been there! I've had numerous support belts and this is one of the better ones at a good price.

“Keeps my back together”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A good back support for general use.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The Elite back support is very comfortable. Found it very useful particularly while sitting, e.g. long journeys.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good and quality product. Comfortable and easy to wear.

“Great supplier.”

Reviewed by JP

Brilliant back support. Felt relief straight away.

“Brilliant back support.”

Reviewed by Blisso

The back support is first class

“Back pain”

Reviewed by pat drain

This belt has been brill for my back problem it has really helped a lot.


Reviewed by StanB

This product is good quality and does exactly what it was made for.

“Great Product!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is a great product! Very easy to wear and comfortable. It is well made. Provides very stable support to the Lumbar spine. Works well in med to heavy working conditions.Would recommend it!

“excellent product ”

Reviewed by Phil Tallon

The product itself superb qualty and very comfortable too. After spending 6 days in bed unable to move and if did get out of bed pain was too much to stand but with this support I was able to stand and straighten, then with aid of a crutch walk a few steps, might not sound much but being such an active person 1 day to being immobilised was sole destroying. Now with the support I am able to move around, which with sciatica is the only way you can get better.

“Excellent Product”

Reviewed by Anthony

Needed a belt for severe Sciatic Pain. This was a fantastic help and very comfortable to wear. Due to the belt I was able to go out and travel by bus.
Also great warmth in very cold weather just where I needed it.

“Does what it says on the tin !!”

Reviewed by Robin

Product info was clear and detailed.
Back pain was eased considerably.


Reviewed by backache

A very good product.

“easy to wear, value for money”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I found the Elite back support very comfy, easy to wear anytime during sports or just day to day activities.

“Excellent quality and good support.”

Reviewed by Maz

Bought this for my son who has a slipped disc and is waiting for an appointment with a consultant. Although of course this can't cure his problem it has helped with pain management and he feels that the support helps him continue to work.

“Elite Back Support”

Reviewed by Neil

A Great product its function is very good giving great support. I would centainly recommend this to any person with a back ache.

“Neoprene Back Support”

Reviewed by Mary Dunbar

I am very happy with my purchase of this belt, l have suffered with my back now for a few years and have to have steroid injections for it, but l have found this belt very helpful and does go a long way to help me with the pain.

“back support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good. Worthwhile. And is another layer to keep you warm when riding or carriage driving!

“could get hooked on this!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

very easy to set up and operate.has cutout facility which makes one aware of the length of time it has been operating.It also happens to ease my poor old back.

“A very good back support helped me a lot would recommend.”

Reviewed by Paul Dye

I found that the support was very good the heat that was generated also helped me get back to work I would recommend this support belt.

“Just the job”

Reviewed by Jimcub

My old back brace was a bit worn out as I use one so often, I bought this as it was cotton lined and sounded comfortable.
The first time I wore it I new it was what I have been missing, as it can be very easily tensioned and detensioned by the velcro straps. The linning is very comfortable and easily wicks away any sweat to keep you back warm, i wear mine quite a lot as standing is painful to my lower back.
Just wish I had bought one years ago, will have to see how durable it is as I had 2 from another company who no longer are around.

“Excellent back support”

Reviewed by poundsie

I play a lot of golf and can get a bit of back pain but the main reason for buying the back support is that I go fishing several times a year and standing in the river wearing chest waders for a few hours (bearing that I am over 70) the back support is a must.

“ Elite Back Support”

Reviewed by Katrina

My husband is a Stone Mason and does alot of lifting. He recently hurt his back and was off work for 3 weeks. I went on line looking for a back support to help him and found the Elite Back Support. It is a very robust support yet extremely comfortable to wear. He wears it everyday for work and it really helps him. He has been extremely happy with the purchase and would recommend it to any one who does lifting or has had a bad back in the past which is still causing them problems.
An excellent purchase.


Reviewed by Cath Cox

Having put my back out by sneezing I needed support for the indoor rower and ski erg when back in action as both use the major muscle group particularly in legs and back. This support offered everything and more. An excellent fit, comfortable and fully adjustable. I hardly notice I have it on. This product is very good value for money and I would highly recommend it .

“Very pleased with the back support”

Reviewed by Roger G.

The back support is good quality and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from lower back pain and needs a product of this nature.

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