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PhysioRoom Wooden Wobble Board - 40cm


The 40cm wooden wobble board has been designed as an aid to help you regain your balance as well as restore your stability following an ankle or knee injury. With a tilt angle of 13 degrees, the wooden wobble board provides an essential tool in the rehabilitation of sports injuries such as sprained ankles, knee ligament injuries and cartilage injuries as well as following knee or ankle surgery.

  • This wobble board is 40cm in length
  • Aids stability and strength
  • An essential rehabilitation tool for sports injuries
  • Tilt angle of 13 degrees
  • Helps sprained ankles, damaged knee ligaments and more

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Wooden Wobble Board - 40cm?



Improves your overall health

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high-quality materials



Improves strength and stability



Easily stored when not in use

Key Features

Daily Use

Great for regular daily use


Perfect rehabilitation tool for sports injuries


Easily carried from one place to another


Suitable for all ages


360 degrees of motion is available


Constructed from oak with an anti-slip PVC surface

Frequently Asked Questions

It improves your core muscle strength and it’s great for rehabilitation of lower leg injuries.
Try balancing for as long as comfortable. 2 to 3 minutes is a great time to aim for, then increase as you become stronger.
All ages! There is no age limit for a wobble board.
Yes, it improves strength and stamina in your knees.

More About The PhysioRoom Advanced Arm/Leg Pedal Exerciser

The 40cm wooden wobble board has been specifically designed to help treat and prevent knee and ankle injuries and can also be used to help improve your balance.

The circular design of the wooden wobble board allows movement through 360 degrees of motion, which helps to improve joint motion and challenges your body's ability to perform complex movements. By regularly using the wobble board for balance training at home you can greatly enhance your recovery from injury.

The wooden wobble board is constructed from oak and has an anti-slip PVC surface to ensure stability while using.

The wooden wobble board is suitable for all ages and will reduce rehab time and the risk of a re-injury. Use the wooden wobble board to help improve your balance and core strength as well as aiding in the recovery following a sprained ankle and ankle surgery. The wooden wobble board can also be used following a knee injury as well as knee surgery.

This balance board helps improve your range of motion gently after knee injuries, ankle sprains and feet injuries. It steadily improves your stability and strength throughout your body after regular use. Wobble board exercises are popular amongst physical therapists since they're used after sporting injuries.

Rocker boards also help to improve your upper body strength in the process as well as your lower body strength. There are both simple and challenging exercises available for a wooden wobble board such as this. Balance exercises improve your core muscles!