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PhysioRoom Weight Training Power Bag


These weighted sandbags are great for strength training and building muscle at home or at the gym. Target specific muscles, or enjoy full body workouts with the wide range of exercises available, including Chest Press, Squats, and RDLs. 

The PhysioRoom Power Bag is made from high quality leather, with the highest standard stitching providing excellent protection against wearing, meaning you are able to train as hard as you can, with no risk of the explosive power movements tearing or splitting the heavy-duty weight bags.

  • Build muscle around the torso, arms and shoulders
  • Perfect for long-term use at home
  • Ensures a full-body workout
  • Helping you to burn fat and calories
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    Why Buy The PhysioRoom Weight Training Power Bag?

    High Quality

    High Quality

    Made from durable materials that won't tear



    Ensures a full-body workout



    Material perfect for comfortable use

    Easily stored

    Easily stored

    Can be stored easily when not in use

    Key Features


    Improves your overall strength including arm and leg strength

    Outdoor use

    Not only can be used indoors but outdoors too

    No assembly

    Perfect for use on the day of delivery


    Responds to the stresses and strains placed upon the material


    Get in shape with minimum fuss


    Helps improve stamina and agility

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, they’re a fantastic tool for anyone looking to build muscle and strength. These power bags offer the same benefits, just without the sand!
    They should challenge you, but not strain you. When your power bag becomes easy to lift, you need to try a heavier weight.
    Around three total times twice a week is ideal, but listening to your body is key!
    Yes, they build up your speed, endurance, agility, strength and stamina within one workout.

    More About The PhysioRoom Weight Training Power Bag

    Instead of using medicine balls, barbells or dumbbells, this weight bag is versatile enough to take their place without compromising on performance. It allows you to build muscle around the torso, arms and shoulders, while also helping you to burn fat and calories while helping to improve stamina and all-around agility.

    The weighted fitness bag is made of high-quality leather and features an internal Eva underlay that will be handle the most intense of workouts. Under pressure, it won’t split or tear easily and ensures fantastic value for money. Not only can be used indoors but outdoors too, so if you want to add it to your circuit training routine this bag will fit right in.

    The stitching detail around the Power Bag is also of the highest possible standard, allowing it to respond to the stresses and strains placed upon the material. This will give you every confidence when incorporating the bag into your routines so you can focus on the task at hand. It allows you to get in shape with minimum fuss and allows you to reap the benefits as a result.