Why buy the Trigger Point Massage Ball?

High Quality
High Quality

This Massage Ball is made from high-quality materials.


Reduce knots and tight muscles effectively.


Use wherever you are and whenever you want.

Pain Relief
Pain Relief

It will get rid of your pain all over your body.

Key Features

Regular Use

Great for regular daily use.


Use for Pilates, yoga, physical therapy and massage therapy.

Full Body

Target pain across all parts of the body.


Compact and easy storage for when it's not in use


The lightweight design allows for it to be easily moved

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use it alongside Pilates, yoga, physical therapy and massage therapy.
It is made out of natural rubber.
It weighs 0.15 Kilograms.
The dimensions are: 6.3 x 6.3 x 6.3 cm.

More about the PhysioRoom Trigger Point Massage Ball

Our Trigger Point Massage Ball targets pain relief when rolled over knotted muscles across the body. That makes it perfect for those hard to reach areas that can’t be touched by a foam roller. It will allow you to get into the tighter areas of the body to reduce the uncomfortable feeling that comes when muscles are knotted and not fully relaxed. The massage ball is made from natural rubber our Trigger Point Massage Ball will work to relax contracted muscles to help lymphatic circulation and blood flow, which also stimulating muscle stretch reflexes.

That means no more tired areas, leaving you feeling more refreshed and fitter, ready to take on the world rejuvenated and invigorated by this wonderful accessory. It’s great for use alongside Pilates, yoga, physical therapy and massage therapy and is recommended and used by a wide range of top tier professionals. Even if you are watching TV, lying on the living room floor or at your work desk, this massage ball can really make a difference.