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PhysioRoom Self-Adhesive Adjustable Ankle Wrap

Getting over an ankle strain, sprain or recovering from surgery that has taken place in the area can take quite a while, depending on age, fitness and many other factors. This adjustable ankle support wrap is designed to make the recovery stage as easy as possible, giving you the support you need to regain confidence in your ankle once more.
SKU: RH048
  • Crisscross strapping provides firm support.
  • Non-slip design so you remain stable.
  • Breathable material provides warmth.
  • One size fits all.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Self-Adhesive Adjustable Ankle Wrap?



Non-slip design for maximum stability.



Find the perfect fit for you.



Wrap gives you a comfortable support.



Improve circulation of blood.

Key Features


Can be used for sprains, fractures, strains or fatigue.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to clean.


One size fits all.

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.


Ensures the recovery stage to be as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can wear this during any sporting activities.
No, it is hand wash only.
Yes, but we advise you take it off during night.
No, you will receive one strap which you can use on whichever foot.

More about the PhysioRoom Self-Adhesive Adjustable Ankle Wrap

It uses a crisscross self-adhesive method secure into position, remaining in place without the need to keep readjusting throughout the day. While not too thin and not too thick, it can also be worn inside footwear, while still giving the ankle area the support it needs to continue healing. That means you are able to get on with life as normally as possible without too much restriction.

This ankle wrap is a one size fits all design, making it easy to find the level of comfort that suits you best. It is also non-slip, so you will always feel safe and stable when wearing it on any surface, without having to worry about any sudden loss of balance. The breathable material provides warmth and comfort while helping to improve circulation of blood.

Whether you are getting over surgery, over trying to recover from chronic ankle sprains, strains or fatigue, this ankle support wrap is able to help you. While this is for one foot, if you do suffer from issues in both ankles, you can double up to get the protection you need. Get the lasting support your ankles deserve with this simple but effective foot support wrap.