PhysioRoom Push-up Bars

There’s no reason you can’t work out to become the best version of you in today’s world, with so many convenient home inventions available. Our Basic Push-up Bars are another must-have that allow you to sculpt the perfect shape, while shedding some calories without having to haul yourself to the gym and pay expensive membership fees.
  • Great for men and women to sculpt shoulders, chest and triceps.
  • Foam-padded handles create a comfortable, soft grip.
  • L-shaped design offers stability and protection for your hands.
  • Anti-skid design keeps bars stable on most surfaces.

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Push-up Bars?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Foam padded handles.



Keeps bars stable.



Strong yet lightweight for easy transportation.

Key Features


Enhance your chest, shoulders and triceps.


Easy to carry anywhere you need to go.

Burn Calories

Use to shed a lot of burn calories.


A soft grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can take bodyweight of up to 180kg
It is a set of 2.
It measures ??22 x 14 x 12cm.
Yes. With these it is easy to do push ups from a standing position.

More about the PhysioRoom Push-up Bars

They are designed for use by either men or women and allow you to enhance your chest, shoulders and triceps, making you look and feel fantastic. While light to carry they are incredibly strong, with the ability to take up to 180kg bodyweight. Not only that but they are incredibly easy to put together, with only the leg and bar needing to be slotted into place before use.

The anti-skid design of these Basic Push-up Bars gives you confidence to use them on almost any type of floor, keeping them firmly in-place while you concentrate on working hard. The L-shaped frame design is both ergonomic and stable and ensures your hands remain protected and safe during exercise as they remain fully supported.

Another key feature of these Basic Push-up Bars are the foam padded handles that create a comfortable and soft grip. This helps to reduce the likelihood of developing callouses on the skin and the uncomfortable feeling that can create. It offers a simple and cost-effective way to do the exercises you love at home without having to change-up your routine.