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PhysioRoom 12” Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap


When you are doing yoga and you want to get the most from every session and this 12” Yoga wheel ensures you can do that every time. It’s one that is made to last and can take weight anywhere up to 1,000lbs, allowing for repeated use without truly losing shape so you can stretch to your heart’s content.

  • Maintains original shape after used to roll between feet or shoulders.
  • It will relieve your aches and pains.
  • Use to support yoga poses and to stretch backbends.
  • Perfect for anyone regardless of how new or advanced they may be.
  • SKU: YW-03-L

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    Why Buy The 12" Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap Black?



    Soft and comfortable to use.



    Great for repeated use without losing shape



    Helps work on your body strength and flexibility

    Daily Use

    Daily Use

    Can be used regularly

    Key Features


    Can take a weight of up to 1,000lbs


    Easy to store when not in use


    Helps relieve pain in your shoulders, back and chest


    Made with 8mm EVA foam


    Perfect no matter how advanced you are


    Great for releasing stress and tension in your body

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A yoga wheel helps improve your flexibility and helps to relieve tension, whilst also increasing your stretching abilities.
    Yes, a yoga wheel can help to relieve upper and lower back pain.
    Yes, they’re great for giving you extra support, helping you decrease the risk of back injuries.
    Yes, stretching will help increase your stretching abilities.

    More About The 12" Yoga Wheel plus 8mm EVA Foam Wrap Black

    The strong inner tube ensures the safety and the sort of support you need to reach for those all-important stretches. It’s also soft and comfortable to use so you will feel relaxed while in use. Roll it under your feet or in between your shoulder blades, while also helping the chest, abdomen, shoulder and hip flexors to release tightness and tension.

    This Yoga wheel will help you to increase workout body strength and flexibility making for a wonderful fitness accessory. If you experience any aches or pains in the back, chest or shoulder it can also help with providing relief through stretch support and also for breastfeeding mothers.

    Whether it’s for stretching backbends or Yoga poses, this 12 Inch Yoga wheel with 8mm EVA foam wrap gives you the support your body needs. Yoga is supposed to bring you relaxation through the release of stress and tension in your body and no matter how new or advanced you may be, this wheel will guide you through every step of the way.