Leg Stretcher Band

Developed by professionals, our stretch band is an essential piece of kit for dancers and gymnasts. Bring your training to the next level and improve your flexibility within a matter of weeks using our easy to assemble stretch band.
  • Consistent training is proven to improve performance.
  • Upgrade your stretching routines.
  • Will not scratch or damage your doors.
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced users.

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Why Buy The Leg Stretcher Band?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Secure and easy fitting.

Blood Flow

Blood Flow

Increases blood flow to muscles.



Increases range of motion.

Key Features


Improves your flexibility.


Carry anywhere you need to go.


Will not move or slide during sessions.

Leg Stretch

Improve leg stretch.

Frequently Asked Questions

?It measures 3 x 0.05 x 0.02 metres.
Yes, it weighs approximately 500 Grams.
It is mainly to focus on flexibility and can improve performance in dance, ballet, gymnastic exercise and more.
Incorporating stretching exercises in your training will help with balance, agility, range of motion, coordination, injury prevention and overall athletic performance.

More about the Leg Stretcher Band

The leg stretch band is the perfect way for dancers to improve their leg stretches and leg holds. After attaching the equipment to a door, put your foot through the loop and stretch your leg to the side. Slowly pull down on the band while making sure to keep your leg as straight as possible. The durable band is constructed from high quality materials and won’t move or slide during your stretching session. You can take the band anywhere with you, without having to worry about causing damage to doors, ensuring you can always fit in your leg stretch session.