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Foam Handle Resistance Tubes

In today’s fast-paced world it’s not always so easy to find the time to get to the gym. But what about if you could bring the gym to you, wherever you are? This set of 3 resistance tubes offers just that, giving you the flexibility to workout wherever you need so you are always in control of where and when you exercise.
  • Features two soft foam handles for comfort.
  • Strong flexibility designed to withstand vigorous workouts.
  • Work out your muscles without the strain of lifting weights.
  • Choose the resistance level that suits your needs.

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Why Buy The Foam Handle Resistance Tubes?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Flexible to suit your variety of workout exercises.

Sweat Absorption

Sweat Absorption

Handles allow sweat absorption.



Soft foam handles for comfort.

Key Features


Long lasting as it is made from premium rubber latex.


Different resistance levels available.


Gain muscle-building benefits.

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

This item is a pack of 3 so you can choose different resistances.
You can use this for injury rehabilitation and recovery as well strength training.
They weigh 370 Grams.
Greater muscle stimulus, improved strength, rehabilitation, and athletic performance.

More about the Foam Handle Resistance Tubes

Free weights can be bulky and expensive and using these resistance bands offers a great alternative. Feel free to use the bands at home, when in a hotel room, at a relative’s home or even in the gym if you prefer. Use them while at home watching the TV instead of rushing to an expensive gym and still enjoy the same muscle-building benefits.

The foam handles easily attach and detach to allow you to set the resistance level to suits you. Each band has a different resistance level and can be combined to strike the right balance. They are made from premium rubber latex, meaning they can withstand strong extension during vigorous workouts.

Not everyone is comfortable working out in public in-front of others and this set of 3 resistance tubes means you don’t have to miss out. When you have finished simply pack them away inside the pouch for convenience until you are ready for another session. And thanks to the soft foam handles, you are guaranteed comfort and sweat absorption as you work towards your fitness goals.