Dynamint Muscle Balm - 237ml

Non-greasy, aromatic massage oil, made from all natural ingredients, designed to provide relief to tense, aching muscles and joints after sports activities and gym work-outs.
  • Made from 95% natural ingredients.
  • Non-greasy on application and absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • Great for use both pre and post sporting activity.
  • Used by Physiotherapists and sports injury clinics across the UK.

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Why Buy The Dynamint Muscle Balm - 237ml?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Alleviate any pain.

Prevent Injury

Prevent Injury

Help prevent injury and aid recovery.

Blood Flow

Blood Flow

Increases local blood flow.

Key Features


Uses natural ingredients.


Excelling relaxing ingredients.


Works almost immediately.


Remove aching muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is great for use by people with Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
Yes, Dynamint is SLS and paraben free.
It contains no drugs or chemicals.
No, it does not leave sticky residues.

More about the Dynamint Muscle Balm - 237ml

Therapeutic massage is an integral part of the recovery process following intensive exercise. Using Dynamint muscle balm during massage rapidly increases local blood flow, which reduces pain and promotes muscle healing and repair.Dynamint Muscle Balm contains four essential oils: calendula, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus, blended in a gentle aqueous base, whose excellent relaxant properties make it the perfect choice for deep tissue and remedial sports massage.

Dynamint's special formula ensures a unique penetrative performance, allowing it to get to work almost immediately and to give long-lasting effect. The Dynamint muscle balm contains only natural ingredients. Rob Harris, Physiotherapist, Manchester City F.C. says: "It is an excellent rub, has a long lingering effect, gets deep down and has a very pleasant aroma. The lads love it!"