DonJoy Comfortform Back Brace Support Belt

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can alter the alignment of your spine, leading to poor posture and aching pain. The Donjoy Comfortform Back Support is designed to support the lumbar and abdominal area, which helps to promote proper alignment of the spine, while protecting against sprains and strains.
SKU: 81-8935
  • Lower back support to help protect against back injuries.
  • Ideal for lower back sprains, strains, acute and chronic pain.
  • Designed with silicone strips for a comfortable fit.
  • Support may be worn under or over clothing.

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Why Buy The DonJoy Comfortform Back Brace Support Belt?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Protecting against sprains and strains.



Limit movement and to ensure a comfortable fitting.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Alleviate back pain.

Key Features


Silicone gripper strips help to prevent migration.


Suitable to wear over and under clothing.

Regular Use

Use on a daily basis.


Available in seven sizes for a tailored fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

To determine the correct size, a measurement should be taken from around the waist.

X-Small : 20-25 inches

Small : 25-30 inches

Medium : 30-34 inches

Large : 34-38 inches

X-Large : 38-42 inches

XX-Large : 42-56 inches

XXX-Large : 56-62 inches

If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size.
To clean your support, hand wash in cold water using a mild soap and rinsing thoroughly. Once all the soap has been rinsed, air dry the support.
Yes, it is latex free.

More about the DonJoy Comfortform Back Brace Support Belt

Whether you've already suffered from an injury or want to prevent one, the Comfortform Back Support is a fantastic brace for ensuring you get the support you need. The back support compresses the area while also making you more aware of your posture. This helps realign your spine and promote better habits.

To wear the Comfortform Support, please follow these steps:

1) Centre the back pad in the middle of the lower back (please note that the narrow side of the back pad is the top of the support).

2) Pull the waistband straps forward and secure in front. Secure the two side elastic compression straps on the belt ensuring the lumbar back pad is positioned firmly against the lower back.

3) For additional support, pull and secure compression strap from the left side first, and adhere to the abdominal section of the belt Next, pull the right side compression strap, overlapping the left side compression strap and secure on contact closure.

4) For less compression, loosen the side compression straps