Cotton Maternity Support Belt


Available in 4 sizes, our Cotton Maternity Support Belt is just what you need to help alleviate aches and pains that develop throughout pregnancy. As the abdominal area expands through pregnancy it can be adjusted to find the right fit, giving you the right level of comfort to suit your body shape.

SKU: SM037
  • Lightweight Design
  • Available in 4 great sizes
  • Multi-layered laminate and elastic lining
  • Abdominal lift attachment
  • Helps prevent stretch marks

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Cotton Maternity Support Belt?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high-quality materials

Daily Use

Daily Use

Great for repeated use



Comfortable and breathable material



Adjustable to fit comfortably

Key Features


Easy to store when not in use


Superior support with no slip


An abdominal lift attachment as part of the package


Helps prevent stretch marks


Multi-layered laminate and elastic lining


Several different sizes are available

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start wearing a maternity belt from around 12 weeks.
They help to support your back and body, reducing stress and stretch marks.
They’re a great option if you’re suffering from back pain, but if you’d prefer not to use one or you don’t need one, then it’s safe not to use it.
Don’t wear a maternity belt for more than 2 or 3 hours at any one time. Wearing it too long can have negative effects.

More About The PhysioRoom Cotton Maternity Support Belt

The stress and strain put onto your body throughout pregnancy can be very testing and this product is designed to help you reduce and manage some of those issues. It’s made from fully breathable material with a multi-layered laminate and elastic lining. As your body shape changes, you can put your trust in the belt to offer the support you need.

Our Cotton Maternity Support Belt also comes with an abdominal lift attachment as part of the package. This gives the area a lift without producing any unnecessary pressure while ensuring it remains securely in place for long periods. It will also work to stop the belt from rolling, giving you the freedom to get on with your day.

Each size option is adjustable to allow you to find the perfect fit and is composed of three components built around a stable triangular structure. Use the Cotton Maternity Support Belt if you are experiencing back pain or need to find a way to support your waist. It also helps to prevent stretch marks, giving you back control of your body once more.