Compex Trizone Ankle Compression Sleeve Support

The Compex Trizone Ankle Compression Sleeve Support is an exceptional sleeve garment that fits comfortably around the ankle and supports the ankle joint. This compression garment can help reduce ankle swelling and pain, which can help speed the healing process. The Trizone ankle support is a low-profile performance product designed to increase ankle stability, and plantar fascia support, and decrease swelling and inflammation while fitting comfortably in any shoe without compromising fit and function.
SKU: 83-0010
  • Three zones of compression strategically placed around the ankle to aid peak performance.
  • Silicone bands integrated into the sleeve design offer targeted support similar to athletic taping.
  • All natural Carbonized Bamboo is thermal regulating and antibacterial helping eliminate odours.
  • Multidirectional elastic knitted material ensures anatomical fit and helps evacuate moisture.

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Why Buy The Compex Trizone Ankle Compression Sleeve Support?

High Quality

High Quality

Made from high quality materials.



Increase ankle stability.



Decrease swelling and inflammation.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Alleviates your ankle pain.

Key Features


Prevents the risk of further injury.


Ensures comfort at all times.


Reflectivity for increased visibility.


Improves your circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a size based on your shoe size.

Small: UK Men's <6.5, UK Women's <6, EU <39

Medium: UK Men's 7-11, UK Women's 6.5-10.5, EU 40-45

Large: UK Men's 11-13.5, UK Women's 10.5-13, EU 45-48

X-Large: UK Men's >13.5, UK Women's >13, EU >48

It is hand-washable and dryer safe.
Yes, it can fit both ankles.
It comfortably fits in all shoe types.

More about the Compex Trizone Ankle Compression Sleeve Support

A unique hybrid design combining the properties of compression and bracing in a single sleeve. The elastic knitted structure of this low profile ankle support combined with the silicone bands allows for targeted zonal compression around the ankle joint. The all natural carbonized bamboo has antibacterial antiodour and thermal regulating properties. The Trizone ankle support is a low profile performance product designed to keep you moving. The three distinct compression zones include:

1) A stability zone with strategically placed silicone bands provides support for the ankle joint and enhances proprioception.

2) A compression zone which improves circulation and provides mild support to the joint and surrounding muscles.

3) A comfort zone with lighter compression for enhanced fit and motion.

is a performance-focused sleeve designed to provide targeted compression and heat regulation. The carbonized bamboo circular knit construction allows for targeted, zonal compression with anti-bacterial and thermal regulating properties. It is a high-quality ankle sleeve designed to provide targeted support and improve performance. In addition to that, the silicone bands are integrated to offer targeted support similar to athletic taping, while the soft fabric allows for comfortable wear.