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Compex Bionic Elbow Support Brace


This Bionic Elbow helps support and protect your elbow during your favourite sporting activities and during your daily life. The unique cross-strap design allows the user to adjust the support and compression levels. Grab one now to make your daily life and favourite sporting activities even easier!

SKU: 83-0003
  • Provides support and protection in sports or daily activities
  • Neoprene wraparound design allows for quick easy application
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility
  • The straps and wrap structure allow for adjustable compression
  • Anti-slip technology prevents the brace from sliding

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Why Buy The PhysioRoom Bionic Elbow Extra Small?



Made with anti-slip technology ingrained

High Quality

High Quality

Made from tough materials that won't tear



Comfortable and breathable material

Regular Use

Regular Use

Can be used daily for sports or your normal activities

Key Features


Reflective qualities improve visibility when in the dark or sunlight


This elbow brace is adjustable to fit comfortably


Made from perforated neoprene material


The wrap-around design ensures an easy application

Water Resistant

Neoprene materials ensure water-resistant qualities


Bilateral hinges prevent hyperextension

Frequently Asked Questions

Elbow braces are fantastic for relieving pain, though other forms of recovery, such as physiotherapy, will be needed.
Whenever you’re doing an activity that’ll make the pain worse. This would normally be during sporting activities, but make sure you avoid activities that’ll make the pain worse.
No. You should keep up your range of motion where possible and let yourself be guided by the advice of your Physiotherapist.
It should be tight enough to relieve pain, but not tight enough to stop blood flow. If you’re feeling tingling in your hands or fingers, loosen the brace.

More About The PhysioRoom Bionic Elbow Extra Small

Helping with daily activities and sporting events, this elbow brace is ideal if you’re looking for some extra padding and support. This elbow brace comes with bilateral hinges to prevent hyperextension. It’ll stabilise the elbow and protect it from any lateral impacts.

This elbow brace has reflectivity features to help with increased visibility as you exercise or go about your day as the sun sets and the nights draw in. There is also some fantastic anti-slip technology to ensure the brace itself doesn’t slide off during use.

This arm brace is made from Neoprene, which ensures the brace provides warmth and protection as you wear it. The Neoprene material also makes the Compex Bionic Elbow Support water-resistant!

There are also great unique cross-strap designs that allow the user to adjust the support and compression levels as you’re wearing it.