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Pre-Taping Underwrap

Our range of pre-taping underwrap includes thin, lightweight foam materials that are applied to the skin prior to taping techniques and tape jobs for added comfort. Pre-wrap is perfect for the prevention of chafing, and to prevent skin irritation when the ankle, knee wrist or hand is taped up.

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Cohesive Wrap Sock Tape - Help Prevent Sprains & Strains - Tape Ankles, Shoulders, Knees & Wrists

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PVC Sock Tape 1.9cm x 20m - Black - Sports Strapping for Ankle Support - Football

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Pre-Taping Underwraps for Sport

Hand-tearable tape that sticks to itself and not skin, hair or clothes is great for physios and pitch--side kit bags. Perfect for taping all joints including ankles, shoulders, knees and wrists, it can also be used as a 'blood spill bandage' for a head wound. The lightweight non-woven design allows for excellent ventilation through the bandage, whilst its flexibility allows the bandage to conform to even the most awkward body contours, ensuring you'll find this underwrap comfortable to wear.

Underwrap creates a protective barrier between the skin and athletic tape. This provides a great way to keep hair out of your eyes and it can also be used to hold pads, socks and cold packs in position. This versatile wrap can even be used to hold up sleeves, protect feet under boots/athletic footwear and create a knee strap.

How to Use Pre-Taping Underwraps

Pre-Taping Underwrap is a lightweight foam material that can be applied over the skin prior to the application of sports taping techniques for the ankle, knee, wrist and hand. When applying underwrap, apply a single layer with gentle tension with a slight overlap. Some underwrap can retain moisture and heat, but is useful if you are using sport and athletic tape on a daily basis or have sensitive skin.

Foam underwrap that can be applied before a tape job to prevent chafing and is ideal for sensitive skin. It can also be used to keep football shin guards and ice packs in place. This foam underwrap's high quality manufacture means it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is about to be taped. The thin lightweight foam provides a barrier between the skin and the sports tape in order to protect the skin from friction and chafing.