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Hernia & Groin Supports

Our Hernia & Groin Supports and Straps section includes high quality products that are often used by elite level sportsmen and women. The products within this collection range from hernia support belts and hernia truss to adjustable groin supports and neoprene groin support shorts which are ideal for relieving pain and supplying you with the support that you need.

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Groin pain and hernia pain at the front of the pelvis can develop during sporting overuse or everyday activities like walking or climbing stairs. Groin injuries such as Gilmore's Groin, quad & thigh strain, sports hernia, pulled thigh muscle, and hamstring muscle injury are particularly common in kicking sports. In our range you will find supports that can help with conditions such as:

• Adductor Tendinopathy • Sports Hernia • Gilmore's Groin • Groin Strain

Our groin support solutions include several different solutions including directional compression shorts that feature a skin hugging compression fit with specialised targeting to vulnerable areas. With supportive adductor lines and a higher, thicker waistband, focussed support is supplied to your groin. Groin support straps and bandages have been specifically designed to help support the adductor muscles and tendons around the groin. It encompasses the entire upper thigh to help improve overall stability during movement. Groin and hernia support wraps go around the thigh and fastens with Velcro. They can be positioned and adjusted to apply pressure to the groin region. This pressure reduces the amount of muscle force that can be generated from the groin muscles, which relieves the groin pain and groin stiffness symptoms of groin muscle and tendon problems. Many of our hernia supports are made from heat therapeutic neoprene to keep the affected area warm, which relieves muscular aches, pains, and stiffness.