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Boxing & MMA

The recent global surge in popularity of both Boxing and MMA has spawned many variants of exercise classes such as Boxercise and Box Fit, as fighting arts has become accessible to all in recent times. At we now stock a huge range of Boxing and MMA equipment for both the serious sparring athlete and the Boxfit enthusiast.

A wide selection of high quality boxing & MMA equipment

Whether you are just starting out in boxing or MMA, or are a trained professional, you can be assured that PhysioRoom will have the products to help you in improving your skillset. With all this and our 30-day money back guarantee, is your one-stop-shop for martial arts equipment.

Available in a variety of different weights and sizes, our punch bags are massively popular amongst our customers thanks to their unrivalled levels of durability. So, improve your martial arts ability by taking a look at our collection of punch bags now!

Or if you are looking for a pair of gloves that will keep your hands, wrists, fingers and thumbs well protected during combat, check out our collection of superb boxing & MMA gloves.

Light and heavy commercial gym equipment at PhysioRoom

On top of the wide selection of boxing & MMA equipment that we host here at PhysioRoom, we also have a diverse range of commercial gym equipment for you to select from.

To browse the commercial gym equipment that we have available here at PhysioRoom, head over to our dedicated gym equipment section now!