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Arm & Elbow Supports

Arm and elbow supports such as tennis elbow & golfers elbow supports are very good at relieving the symptoms of painful elbow conditions such as tennis elbow and golfers elbow. There are a range of elbow supports available at PhysioRoom including tennis elbow straps, golfers elbow straps, tennis elbow clasps, pneumatic armbands, tennis elbow supports and golfers elbow clasps to help you overcome your challenging injuries and reduce pain.

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EpiTrain Elbow Support - Compression and Pain Relief for Symptoms of Arthritis - Elbow Injury Rehab


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Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow


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Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support - Tennis Elbow Injury Treatment - Arthritis Pain Relief
Supplied to NHS

Anaform Arm Sleeve - Lightweight Elbow Support for Protecton of Elbow and Arm Injuries

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Bionic Elbow Support Brace - Compression and Stabilisation for Elbow Injuries - Ergonomic Design

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Elite Snug Elbow Support Grey w. Gel Pad for Extra-Comfort - Tennis Elbow

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Neoprene Elbow Support Sleeve - Support After Elbow Surgery - Arthritis Pain Relief

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Mueller Neoprene Elbow Support Sleeve - Support After Elbow Surgery - Arthritis Pain Relief has a rating of 5.0 stars from 4 reviews (4 reviews)


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Arm & elbow supports & braces to help you with your injury

Tennis elbow is a common condition which causes pain that affects the area of the elbow known as the lateral epicondyle. Tennis elbow is a painful overuse condition that doesn't just affect tennis players, but also athletes from many other sports as well. Tennis elbow commonly occurs during gripping activities such as using a hammer or screwdriver. However wearing sufficient elbow supports can help reduce the pain associated with repetitive movement that causes conditions such as tennis elbow, so if you would like to tame your tennis elbow anguish, get your tennis elbow support today.

Or if you are experiencing other aches and pains in your elbow that are hampering your sporting activity and everyday life, then you should check out our full range of elbow supports and braces. Sometimes work can be uncomfortable, so if movements of the wrist and hand are needed, an elbow support can help ensure there is less pain felt at the elbow and improve your day to day function.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sleep with an elbow brace?

Unless you are in terrible pain it is usually not necessary to sleep in an elbow support. It is a good time to air the skin and prevent bacteria under the support from building up. Sometimes, a pillow positioned underneath the arm and wrist can provide sufficient support during the night and prevent the arm "jolting" if you turn over inadvertently in your sleep.

What does an elbow brace do?

An elbow brace helps to support the joint and the muscles or tendons that attach to the joint. Often tendons in the forearm that attach to the bony prominences of the elbow become overworked with excessive wrist and hand movements. Therefore by providing support, less pain is felt and the tendons can begin to heal.

Do compression arm sleeves work for tendonitis?

Compression sleeves help to improve circulation throughout the muscles of the arm and can help reduce the inflammation, pain and swelling that can occur with tendonitis. Compression arm sleeves can also help aid recovery, especially after sports or activities that use the arms repetitively. In addition to this, compression sleeves can also provide support for an effective injury prevention strategy.

Do compression sleeves help golfers elbow?

Compression sleeves can help to provide support and warmth to the elbow area, as well as improve the circulation and help remove inflammation. This can be beneficial for Golfer's elbow which often involves overuse of the tendons along the forearm. Wearing compression sleeves during aggravating activities can help to relieve symptoms or prevent their onset.

What is the best treatment for golfer's elbow?

In the short-term, applying Ice, compression or wearing an elbow support can all help to alleviate the pain associated with Golfers elbow. In the long term, strengthening the muscles and tendons around the shoulder and forearm can help to prevent reoccurrence of the injury. Core stability training can also help ensure the movements that can cause Golfer's elbow and overload stress on the forearm, are stable and as efficient as possible. Seek advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist who can identify biomechanical or postural habits that may be leading to the condition.

Do braces work for golfers elbow?

Elbow Braces can help to minimise movements that can aggravate Golfer's elbow and help reduce pain associated with the condition. By wearing an elbow support, the strain on the tendons can be minimised to allow healing and the inflammation begin to settle. Applying ice packs or using compression sleeves can also be of great benefit to help reduce inflammation and swelling that may be present, to further relieve symptoms of Golfer's elbow.

How can I strengthen my golfers elbow?

Golfer's elbow is often caused by overloading the tendons that run from the elbow to the wrist and act to flex, rotate and grip with the hand and wrist. These tendons are opposed by the wrist extensors, therefore rectifying this imbalance can be the long-term solution to relief from Golfers elbow. Often performing stretching exercises by bending the wrist back into an extended position, can help alleviate some tension. However, it is always a good idea to seek advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist to identify the individual contributing factors and set a specific strengthening program.

Modifying the technique used for lifting, gripping or rotational activities can also help combat symptoms of Golfer's elbow and wearing a specific elbow support brace can help reduce pain in the short term. Resistance bands and specific equipment from our hand therapy tool range can further help to strengthen the muscles of the wrist and forearm to rehabilitate elbow injuries.